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  1. Ianbw86

    620 king cab

    I'll definitely be in touch with you about your plethora of 620 parts! I just took on a 79 KC and my list of things I need seems to be growing quickly.
  2. Ianbw86

    620 tailgate hinge

    Wow you guys, thanks for rallying and all the help. What a great welcome into the forums.
  3. Ianbw86

    620 tailgate hinge

    That would be awesome! If you find any turn signal/side marker lenses in that plethora of parts I'd love to take those off your hands as well 😉. Thanks everyone for the help!
  4. Ianbw86

    620 tailgate hinge

    Thanks for the tip, that was definitely where my head was going with it. I've read the stories about Bill's Datsun but decided just to see if maybe he had one lying around. He didn't know the difference between a 720 hinge and a 620. It also took 3 call backs for him to tell me that. Now I know.
  5. Ianbw86

    620 tailgate hinge

    Yes, that's correct
  6. Ianbw86

    620 tailgate hinge

    Hey guys, been searching around for days now and can't seem to find much. I recently got a 79 KC and I have my tailgate, but one of the pins and hinges is missing. Can anyone give me a lead besides the 40 dollar eBay ones? Would a door hinge work just as well? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Time Left: 1 day and 8 hours

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    Well I screwed that up somehow, so obviously I'm new to the forums but not to the Nissan/Datsun world. I've been gone quite a few years and I'm ready to return to it. I just wish I would've remembered about these cool little trucks earlier. I grew up as a young child with my father owning and daily driving me and our small family around in his 74 620 for years. Anyways, to make a long story short the prospect of getting another one put a spark in him of working on these old trucks again and I naturally am chasing that dream, however foolish that may be. My wife and I recently moved back home from Tennessee and in the last 2yrs I have been without a vehicle of my own and sharing my wife's Toyota. Being back home I need a reliable rig I can use to get me to the river or around town when I need. I'm looking for something that I can lower a bit on some cool wheels and just drive around, tinker on, and fix and make my own over the years as my child grows up. This truck by no means needs to be perfect or even pretty really. Needing paint isn't a huge issue but sometimes that old paint can look just fine to me. I'm really just not looking for rot or bad body damage. I would prefer a single cab short bed, but king cabs could be considered. I apologize if this was long winded, I'm just kind of unsure what price I should be asking for these. I can possibly push my budget to 2,000 if I'm lucky and I honestly don't know if that's laughable for what I'm asking for or not. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading everyone.


    North Plains, Oregon - US

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