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  1. Thanks for all the input! I'm more than likely going to buy a new carburetor as I don't have the knowledge or the means to do that kind of work. If Nissan carburetors are "too tedious" as I've been told by two local mechanics, I have no chance haha. The carburetor Charlie69 mentioned seems like my best option
  2. Right above where the wire harness goes into the carburetor its self there is a little metal tab that sticks out. From the front of the truck it moves left to right and when I move it it opens and closes the choke. I'm not too sure what is supposed to be on it, but it looks like a spring or something has fallen off so the mechanism that is supposed to control the opening and closing isn't there
  3. We only do inspections on 96' and up in NC. It does have the six wires going to the carburetor and I bookmarked the DGEV 32/36, thanks! I can't get anyone to turn the key currently, but the whole choke assembly looks like it's missing a few parts http://
  4. Hi All, I have a 1986 720 with a Z24 that I am currently having running issues with. I bought the truck last year and about 2 moths after I got the truck it started stalling. Ran Seafoam, Carb cleaner and heet and also changed the fuel filter and it ran fine again until about 2 weeks ago. When I had the air filter off for the first time I could see where there is supposed to be an electronic switch and a spring controlling the choke which was missing. Now the truck is stalling whenever I go into neutral and lift off the gas the engine dies or when at a low RPM it almost feels like a misfire. Once its moving I have no issues from it. I'm looking for aftermarket carburetors that will fit. I bought a replacement and it didn't have enough vacuum line posts or the right harness to connect to the truck. I don't know enough about vehicles to rebuild a carburetor myself and no mechanics nearby will rebuild a Nissan carburetor. I appreciate any feedback!
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    I need a replacement turn signal switch


  6. The turn signals will not fully engage. I think there is too much dirt or something keeping it from engaging. Where can I pick up a replacement? I bought one from Autozone, but it was too big and didn't fit. Thanks guys!
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