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  1. According to one of the last owners its bored out but I doubt it. At the moment I'm just working on all the broken/abused areas then I can focus of what has be done with the motor, as it is right now I cant even drive it down the road to get a feel for what mechanical areas I need to pay attention to. I've got a lot of ground to cover and looking forward to replacing all the nonsense components. in the long run I may not keep the a14, I just want to make sure the chassis is worth a swap down the road. ps. this is my first project car and fist carbureted one at that, so I have some learning to
  2. How do I share the YouTube links, please help 🤣
  3. Just the thread I was looking for! I picked up an abused 81 210 just a few months back, he had 5 owners in the past year and I couldn't bring myself to leave him like that. I've decided to give him a forever home and treat him better. Hasn't been on the road bedsides the drive home, replaced the camber wear and wire showing tires all around, tie rod ends and got it to at least move in a straight line- then the throttle cable that was GLUED in place gave up the day I was set to get an alignment- currently fixing the crap throttle cable install from one of the last owners, getting it off cut sp
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