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  1. Took the car for a good drive into Auckland city. A good hours worth of driving consisting of motorway smooth driving and country roads. Things are looking very positive. Car felt a lot more settled on straight roads and through corners. I could actually relax a bit while I drove. WA guy said he would like to wind a little more caster into the front to see how things go so I will be in touch with him. Although now I do notice the steering is heavier at slow speeds as expected so throwing more caster at it might cause the heavy steering to become worse and really just announcing. Can't have ya cake and eat it too I guess. I'll get my Wheel alignment spec sheet up shortly too.
  2. About 6months ago but have just had one 2 days go. I havnt had a chance to really drive the car properly. This is the 3rd company to do the alignment and the only ones who have spoken about adjusting the caster and the effects it has. Will no more them is week when I get on it and drive it. I'll post up the WAY sheet shortly.
  3. The rear appears to be sitting up higher then the front but my measurements tell me it's only 10mm higher.
  4. https://youtu.be/8gSoiyHjllU https://youtu.be/6-SyjGkltzs It's not a lot to look at but the keen eye might pick up the movement in the road and my steering wheel moment.
  5. Hi everyone, So for some time now I have been trying to remedy a tracking issue with the steering in my 69 510 4 door. When I say some time im talking the 2 years that ive owned the car :) I'll do my best to describe what is going on....when driving down a smooth surface freeway it drives smoothly with very minor movement from left to right in your lane, however when the road camber changes from right to left and vise versa it pulls sharply to that side. You'd expect this to occur but its quite nerve wrecking when its night and you don't see the change in the road. Get onto county style roads and you have to be on your game to drive this thing, you cannot relax or truly enjoy the occasion that driving these cars brings. As with any road you have the "worn" area of the lane where car tires always run, If you drift over say to the left to far its like the tires go over the high spot in the lane and the car suddenly pulls hard to the left, If had instances where the car has suddenly darted to the right - I'm in New Zealand so that's into oncoming traffic. really had my butt tweaking a few times. If you try and catch it you can find yourself sawing at the steering wheel. let the car do what it needs and just gently guide it and hope for the best and you can relax a little more. When you do steer it she is like a go cart and turns in the desired direction instantly and quickly.(caster issue here maybe) October last year I did a 2500km (1500ish mile) round trip for our yearly National Datsun Meet and by the end of it I wanted to get rid of the damn thing as I just didn't enjoy driving it and scared the shit out of me so many times. I felt it was a danger to drive. I hope that makes cense but I've done a heap of searching for an answer to sort it myself and try to avoid posting another my steering sucks post but here we are. So my current setup is as follows. Engine - SR20DE G/Box - 5 speed Diff - S15 Helical LSD R200 Axles - Custom CV Wheels - 15x7 +20(i'm trying to think back on the offset so take it with a grain of salt) Tires - 195/45R15 Suspension - Front - King springs 1 coil "trimmed" off unknown weight...….Rear - Cobra Springs 1.5 coils trimmed off unknown weight. Ride height - Front 500mm both sides...….Rear 510mm both side - this is taken from bottom of rim lip up to base of fender New shorter shocks all round - Munroe brand nothing fancy Shortened front struts via cut and weld - potentially they are r30 skyline struts I'll post a picture up of the number on the strut and we can see if anyone can confirm it. Datsport Adjustable rear camber/caster setup - Moved approx. 10mm inward to try allow for 8" rims that were on the car - issue was there before doing this. Maddat sway bar - unsure thinness but definitely larger then stock bump steer spaces - cant remember the thickness, pretty sure its 25mm approx. 1" I can also tell you the following work has been done - New inner and outer tie-rods. drag link has been refurbished and all play removed from knuckles. steering box has been removed and inspected and adjusted - all come back looking good. Steering idler arm bushes replaced and re-sleeved to match shaft that it attached to. LCA inner bushes replaced with Standard Nissan rubber bush. ball joints replaced. wheel bearings checked and adjusted It has adjustable TC rods - Datsport branded - both appear unworn. Wheel alignment carried out on machine. That's the basic stuff I know while I write this at work at 1am. Glorious night shift :( Anyway I really hope some help in resolving this is out there. Any question please ask and I'll get answers up ASAP. Thanks heaps Mat I'll get some videos of driving and vehicle stance when I can.
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