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  1. Hey quick question….I’m in the middle of a ka24de swap in my 73 620 what radiator did you use ? Thanks Jim 

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    2. datzenmike


      If you go to (Steve's) ]2eDeYe profile page top center is a blue rectangle box marked MESSAGE. Just saying that if you click on that you can send and receive a private message with him. 

    3. Ljktup


      😊 thanks 

    4. ]2eDeYe


      Ljktup, PM replied.


      Thanks Mike. 

  2. Sweet appreciate it🤘
  3. Hey what radiator with shroud/electric fans can I use on my Ka swap into a 73 datsun 620? Any help would be appreciated
  4. What happens to the stock regulator??
  5. Just ordered my brackets from Jason🤟my calipers/rotors/pads/brake lines will be here tomorrow. Super stoked. Then wait to hear from control cables 😬😬
  6. Ok I’ll hit him up🤟
  7. Hey everyone I’m kinda new to the Datsun world..wanting to do rear disc brakes on my 620...any info on what set up to use and parking brake hook up. Thanks 😊🤟
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