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  1. I see what you mean Crash. I think the guy who fabricated this setup has something welded between the mount and where those shims are that the bolts are actually threaded into, but I'll take a better look in behind to make sure it's all safe. As for why I would switch to coils, the truck was actually beautifully restored and sorted when I bought it, but I can only drive it 4 months out of the year where I live, so I'm going to tackle one or two big projects every winter for no other reason than I can.
  2. Hey. I bought a 620 last summer and had an awesome time ripping around in it. This winter I've been messing around with a few things and I finally decided to take a look at the previous owner's suspension modifications. He did a ball joint and disc brake conversion on the front end. The way he did the ball joint conversion is a little unusual. He hacked up an upper control arm off a 720, then welded in an extra inch or so from a second control arm so it would reach the spindle. He also shimmed the whole thing where it bolts on to keep it from fouling on the upper shock mount. Pictures of the w
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