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  1. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    could not find a timing mark on my sprocket so i painted it in hope that it could work
  2. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    K for King cab?
  3. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    yes it is a 4x4. I just ordered a head gasket now. but is it posible that it is leaking some where else, for example from the manifold intake gasket?
  4. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    this is the only one i found in the engine area
  5. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    so then i need to buy a z20 headgasket? I think its is so wierd because the vehicle registration service we got her in europe tells me that i has a 2.2L, but it is possible that it have been swaped one time for all i know. Do you recomend a place to buy gasket?
  6. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    i can see that cylinder 4 is wet
  7. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    i did not understand how i uploaded video so i took a screenshot of it i will check my sparkplugs tomorrow 🤗
  8. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    got my car back home now
  9. i will take a look at it after i got my car towed up to where i live. i think i will get it done this weekend. I always appreciate your help Mike so thank you!
  10. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    I have some troble taking pictures of my engine because it is stranded on the road some distance away from where I live. But i think it is a z22 because i have only spark plugs on one side, contrary to what i have seen on captain720's videos where he has spark plugs on both sides. This also comes up when I enter the chassis number on a web site I can buy parts. is it rare for the z22 to blow the headgasket?
  11. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    It looses coling-fluid after just a few minutes of driving, the exhaust is more white than before, and it is difficult to start when its hot. It would be fantastic if its something else than the head gasket, but i cant think of anything else that gives theese symptoms
  12. hansdh

    Blown headgasket

    Mabye i should say it is a z22 from 1984
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