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  1. I have l16 intake manifold with su's on it so if I cant find a good 78 or 79 l20 manifold I'll use the l16 one.
  2. Ok cool thanks mike, looks like I'll be in the market for a 78 or 79 l20b intake manifold.
  3. The l20b is going into my 72 510 wagon. Should of put in the post my bad
  4. Hi everybody I have a question that I'm having a hard time finding the answer for. Sorry if its answered already. So I just recently picked a up l20b from a 1976 610 wagon and I'm in the process of removing both manifolds. My question is, is it ok to use a l16 exhaust manifold but keep the stock l20b intake manifold. I know that stock on 76 l20bs both manifolds are sandwiched together. The reason I want to take out the l20b exhaust manifold is because of all the smog stuff on it. So should I be looking for a new intake manifold or will I be ok with the one i have? This is going into my 72 510
  5. Great thanks mike it was a manual so we are good.
  6. Hi everybody this might have been answered but I'm having a difficult time finding it. So I just picked up a l20b from a 1976 610 wagon and i was wondering if you can just bolt up a l16 4 speed onto it? Or do you need to do something differently? Thanks everyone!
  7. Hi everybody I was wondering if these engine mounts would work with my 510 wagon that has a l16. The mounts came out of a 280zx but we're later put on a 240z. Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone for the help I just picked up the one from eBay.
  9. Yeah we are missing the whole unit. The previous owner pulled the motor to repaint the bay but never got around too it. He was suppose to give us all the parts but I guess he didn't have it.
  10. Thanks guys, do you know of a place where I can find it?
  11. this is the part we are missing. The photo is from a friends 510
  12. Hi everybody so I've recently bought a 510 wagon with the engine out and it's missing a few items that I'm having difficultys finding. One of them is a brake indicator switch. I was wondering if anybody give out recommendations to a website I could buy it from or if one of you guys have one laying around that I could purchase. Thanks
  13. Great, thanks for the much needed info Mike and Crash.
  14. Thanks Mike. My second question is would this be hard to bolt onto a l16?
  15. Hi so I just recently picked up a datsun 510 wagon and it came with a extra transmission but unfortunately the owner didn't know where it came from. I've been told from people that it's either from a pickup truck or its a dogleg transmission from the 200sx. I was wondering if there is any way I could identify it.
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