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  1. Jeff

    Body Bushings??

    Good Stuff Guys. I got some 620 Rubber mounts off the bay. But..... Today, I met Ezra who shared a post with some pics and in one of the little boxes....what did I see?? BODY MOUNTS!!! Can't get too excited, we are still in lockdown, the border is closed, and my new friend is in BC. I'm in Dallas. Gotta figure a way to get several boxes of parts down here.
  2. Jeff

    Body Bushings??

    Awesome info gents. THANKS SO MUCH!!
  3. Hey Guys (and Ladies), Trying unsuccessfully to source body and bed mount bushings for my 67 520. I did locate some for a 620. Anyone know if the cab and bed mounting locations are the same? Thanks!! Jeff
  4. Jeff

    Body Bushings??

    Hi all! Just joined. Purchased my '67 520 a couple months back. Sat in an Oklahoma field for 30 years. Anyway, it's been disassembled, blasted and we've already had to change shops because they wanted me to spend $80K to restore/mod this thing - crazy. The new team is looking for body bushings. Scoured the web to no avail. Anyone have any guidance for me?? The guys are also asking for a shop manual but I think I found one online. Thanks! Jeff
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