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  1. just got a 4” block kit for my 74 620 was wondering if anyone knew a part number or the best way to find shocks to fit front and rear
  2. Door glow looks cool from the front too
  3. had to replace the break adjusters this is actually the replacement part pulled it off a 74
  4. Yeah I love the wink I put one in a 75 super I had and I been in love with them ever since. And very true especially with this chop !
  5. Digital Gauge cluster finally Came in mounted it up looks great just need to wire this thing up !
  6. Added a wink mirror 5 panel honestly regardless of people’s opinion these improve driving visor 200%
  7. Put some truck liner on the rear light panels and some rubberized coating on the bottom
  8. Updates: cut out the fender flares and mounted the flush with the body lines
  9. Flares cam in today and rims are ready for tires
  10. Added some touches on the dashboard
  11. Off to get a much needed alinement and check these shocks out
  12. Before and after and much more to come
  13. I want a nice rice sake bottle but I’m searching
  14. I feel that, and the price is not all that different I kinda feel like a cheap bastard for that one, haha but we will see how long my little Chinese radiator will last
  15. Gatorade bottle compared to Japanese giant ramune bottle? I wouldn’t call that a similar set up.... but thanks
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