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  1. I'll check that tomorrow Charlie69 and get back to you! I plugged the carb back in. Then decided to adjust the idle screw and mixture screw again. I had the mixture screw all the way in. then adjusted the idle. Then adjusted the mixture screw about a turn and a half out. Went back and forth and was really able to get it at a nice idle. It feels as good as it is going to get with my adjustments. It is so quiet I thought it might stall every time I stopped. But the engine stayed on. Black smoke is gone with normal driving but a small amount spits out the pipe for a moment when sta
  2. I pulled over and Checked the float. The fuel level is correct in the reservoir. Right at the dot. Could it be a BCCD situation? Solenoid? I screwed the idle mixture screw in tight and the engine didn't seem to react much. I screwed the idle speed screw all the way out and not much change either. Screwing it in tighter does bring the idle up.
  3. Hey 720_Jeff I'm in LA county. My Stock Carb seems to be in Limp Home mode. You know of anyone that has put a Weber carb on? Do you think it would pass our smog check here in CA?
  4. Yes. It might be little rich with the carb unplugged but it is no way near the amount of fuel burning through it before. CA is the worst. They are holding my title hostage until I can get them a clean smog check. Can I just put a Weber on this thing and Pass Smog? LOL I'll be perusing through the old posts looking into limp mode. Once again I way outta my element...or just at the end of my fuse...hahah. I love doing this kind of stuff though! I'll check my float tomorrow to see if it is drowning is gasoline just in case.
  5. This is spectacular. I think I will do something similar!
  6. Well shoot King Rat! That sucks. I have already changed the O2 sensor about 6 months ago. I drove it around today without it plugged in and once again no black smoke. Is it worth it to go back and find the 'limp Mode" discussion?
  7. I haven't checked the float yet but the "limp mode" might be something. I had disconnected the electric harness from the carb, forgot to reconnect it and was driving around and it drove great. No black smoke. Drove wonderfully except the bogging. Then I parked in the driveway opened the hood and saw the harness disconnected. I reconnected it and took it out the next day only to discover the black smoke was back. I'll take it for a ride later disconnected from the electric harness again to check it out. So how would I know if it is in Limp mode? And how would I reset it?
  8. I moved it to the other hole. It worked great for about 10 minutes of driving. Then it started to bog a bit again...and star ted blowing black smoke out the tailpipe. I have adjusted the throttle and mixture screws out. No change to the exhaust.
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hMJEQ9MypXSR4iSB7 Is this the connecting rod for the accelerator pump that needs to be bent for adjustment?
  10. Okay so I was wrong. The auto choke isn't opening up all the way. I just disconnected it and will wire it open for now. I checked the resistance between the choke heater connector and the carb body and it in spec. Then I checked the Heater circuit at the plastic plug for continuity and voltage and got nothing. My plug looks different than the one in the Manual. Perhaps I checked the wrong holes in the plug? here are the pictures of my plug and the holes I used with the multimeter compared to the manuals plug. https://photos.app.goo.gl/w6BzwGGTAR4pnLua8
  11. So she is running super rich. Screwing the idle mixture screw out will give her more air making her leaner right?
  12. The choke does fully opens after warm up. For adjusting the carb, You datzenmike wrote this from May 24 2012 in the forum but I still have a question. To adjust the carb I turn two different screws? first the throttle adjust screw to a nice idle (my dash doesn't have an RPM tach)...then idle adjusting screw (this is the screw you refer to in the 5/24/2012 post)? or is the idle adjust screw the only screw that adjusts the fuel air Mixture? I do have the 86 Factory service manual on Hand and I've been studying it. Possi
  13. Thanks for the info. I was able to find the puddle under the mat! replaced the reservoir and it is spectacular.
  14. Fuel level is just below the circle. I'll check the choke snapping closed and the throttle cable later today Here's a photo of the fuel level https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/hj5PdnObSUKiPq1plUq6HQ.byT2inGUulsFtvP2vN3DtK
  15. -The Smog check guy said it was running rich and suggested rebuilding the carb. So I rebuilt the carb with new gaskets. carefully and methodically. -Choke connecting rod had a jury rigged connection on it from previous owner so I bought a used carb off eBay for the part and replaced it. -Auto Choke coil wouldn't keep a tight connection to the connecting rod/flap so I took it off and stretched out the coil. That seemed to work but once the heater got fully hot the little metal notch would slip out of the hook. So I took it off and replaced it with the coil from the ebay carb. soldere
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