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  1. Hey Ya'll. 86' 720. I have been needing to fill my clutch fluid reservoir every couple of days. Then I let it sit for a couple weeks and now the reservoir is empty and I can't get the clutch pedal to engage. Do I just need to bleed the clutch? and where does my clutch fluid go? I have not been able to find a leak in the line...Gracia.
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    As I Rebuilt my Nissan 720's Carburetor I found that Choke Connecting Rod is Broken. Need a replacement or if someone has an old core that they could get rid of Please let me Know.


  3. Im working on my 86 720 carb. It is a CA ECC carb but it looks like my choke arm connecter has worn down so it won't connect anymore to the choke. Any of these three carbs have that part. Here's a link to some pics of my problem part. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/5WzxyEkATwO1zF3idGWgGg.-ml2s6bukEVfyF8W5Usirf
  4. McFerg

    Carb questions

    thank you Mike. So most any carb at My CA “pick and Pull“ should be the same. Good to know. I will head down to one when I get some time. here’s the circled pic of the different choke top. It may not be a big deal. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/jttVTS7tQiqiyopzoU2aBA.lBfF-ZOfF7aKoPoLBIErm6
  5. McFerg

    Carb questions

    Hi y’all. I rebuilt my ‘86 720 carb then found that it’s’ choke connecting rod was busted. I ordered a cheap $75 carb from Amazon to pilfer the connecting rod from it, but found that the carb is different from mine. My trucks carb has a vacuum nipple on the fuel Reservoir side that the new one did not. I was watching a YouTube rebuild by JNH Classics and noticed that his carb matches the Amazon Purchase. Did the previous owner put in a different carb? If so where would the Vaccuum hose go that connected to the carb nipple? Is this nipple exclusive to my ‘86 720? It does have AC. Is that the difference? Here is a link to a pic of my carb and the Amazon carb to see the difference https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/yPDi7ANjRdal8bPW71eHpw.uC24BIU0ccYC31PDC5FWrX here is the Pic of the two differences between the choke connectors. https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/JeMEcWtMTdCyu1x-_9WcSA.EmN8Bmd6opTqKee499Z9w_ thanks for the help.
  6. McFerg

    Carb Parts

  7. Stinky how much you asking for it? I can spend $50 and 5 hours going to the junkyard or buy it from you.
  8. McFerg

    Carb Parts

    Yo. I was rebuilding my Carb to pass CA Smog and ran into a broken "choke connecting rod" and the connecting piece to the "choke flap". Does anyone have a replacement part for it or know if I can order one from somewhere? Maybe just the top third of the carb for sale?
  9. Made a video of our gearbox sector shaft seal. Shot it after we had already installed the seal so we didn't actually shoot the seal going in. good times with my son though. Thanks so much for the help. Now I need to find a replacement for my carburetor and steal some part off of it. We Rebuilt it this week to try to get smog to pass and ended up with a broken connection for what I believe is called the Choke connecting rod. The choke isn't letting enough air in or something. It now blows black smoke out of the muffler. ay yi yi! I'm trying to punch way above my weight on this entire project. It's driving me batty.
  10. Charlie 69 I had my local auto parts store cross reference the part number that datzen mike gave me (49321-Y0100) from Napa and they found it pretty quick. my receipt doesn't have a part number on it though. I am going to have to take it apart again though because I must have connected t the gears in the box in at the wrong place. My turning radius is great turning right but terrible turning to the left. So I'll be back at it soon enough.
  11. They found the part and it is working great. thank you so much for the information! The gear box is fully lubed and I am now ready for whatever the next issue is!
  12. https://www.napaonline.com/en/search?q=Nty%3D1%26N%3D2500007%2B2600712%2B2802797%2B10198600%2B5009000%2B200900130%26Score%3D0.77&referer=plp&partTypeName=Manual Steering Worm Shaft Seal&keywordInput=sector shaft seal&scene=partTypesScene1&fullyQualified=true Looks like this is it. Not available on Napa. I'll have to do some hunting. thanks again.
  13. Sorry, I'm new to this. haha. I should have wrote "seal" for the Title. Yes it is for the Sector shaft seal just above the pitman arm. Thanks for the info I will check with the dealer for it. I have taken apart the gear box and didn't see any sort of gasket for the top cover. Does it normally have one? I should buy that part number as well then! Thank you!
  14. Hi Y'all. I just bought a 1986 nissan 720 2-wheel drive. No Power Steering in it and the gear box is bone dry because the seal is gone. I tried to order a new seal for it from the local auto part store and they ordered something but it is much TOO SMALL. Their software says that is the only one available. I saw that AutoZone has a seal kit for sale but i worry that it is the wrong size. Possibly the Non-Power steering Gear shaft is a different size that the, seemingly more common, power steering gear box. Does Anyone have a link to where I can order a full seal kit for the Non-power steering gearbox? I went through all the topics in this thread but didn't see anything. Lots of good stuff there though. Gives me great Ideas for the future. Thank you for any help.
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