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  1. I believe it was a 96 Tacoma man
  2. Took a couple pics of the interior, amazing for 50 years old!
  3. I had a quick look at the intake last night, has A35 stamped on it.. or it might of been 53... I've always loved datsuns but never got into the engine and gearbox side of things so still a bit of a novice when it comes to that. My truck has a L20b with a U67 head I believe but would have to check the numbers again to be sure. The 510 feels faster though.
  4. No idea on the model name unfortunately, Jesse Streeter gave me a few different options for shipping. I went with the fastest option of DHL, they left japan on a Friday night, I got them in Vancouver Monday. Can't remember exact dollars but I think it was about 500 Canadian dollars.
  5. It was for a 1996 tacoma, was a DNA Motoring TTC-RU-051 model. Pretty easy install, just modified the hold downs slightly and welded on some tabs in the bed for it to clamp to 👌
  6. Just went down to the parking garage and had a look, L18 block with a W58 head. Cheers for the info, from what I can gather from my buddy I bought it off, is that I'm either for 4th or 5th owner. He unfortunately was facing some visa issues and decided to sell it to me! But the owner before him had it for like 30 years and bought it off his highschool friend.
  7. edftdatsiq20

    My 1973 620

    Hey all! This is my ratty 73 620, bought her off a buddy a few years back, I believe he may have been a ratsun member. Has a L20 in it with 5 speed. I initially just went with beebanis front brake swap to start, bought the rears as well but have been to lazy to put them in. This was all I did to it for a couple years. Last year decided to pull the plug and did beebanis full coilovers swap, got some Work Wheels from Japan courtesy of Jesse Streeter. Cannot stress enough how much I love Jason's suspension, very easy install. Also picked up a Tacoma tonneau and it fits perfect. Recent upgrades are finally installing EI dizzy, very hard to find in Canada at this moment. Currently waiting for summer to start driving it again, hopefully the cops up here have calmed down by then!
  8. Almost got her last year, but a series of fortunate and unfortunate events happened and now I'm the proud owner! Told it's got a L18 block with L16 head, bigger cam with a Weber. Pretty fun and fast enough with stock brakes. Future plans are to just drive and enjoy it this summer, then save up some money and throw some twistedimages airbag suspension at her 👌
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