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  1. will a stock L16 cam work on a L20b (u67) head? what are main parts that aren't compatible from the L16 to the L20b? I bought a 1972 datsun 510 wagon and it had the stock l16 in it, I have a 100mm bore l20b im going to throw in there but need some of the parts from the old motor but not sure if they will work together. Thanks for reading and can't wait to read some of the help you guys can give me 🙂
  2. My l20b is bored 15mm over stock with full forged internals. with a machined and ported u67 head
  3. So I want to put a bank of r1 carbs on my l20b swapped 510, but ive seen a video of these guys that pushed 207hp using dual weber side draft carbs. Now i'm wondering how much power can you push threw the r1 setup. I understand the r1 carbs have a way faster throttle response and rev but whats the power gains?
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