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  1. An example of early Onset Biden Derangement Syndrome. Unfortunately in Ray's case it is most likely terminal.
  2. Every time he opens his mouth. The rally he held on January 6th is a perfect example.
  3. So you support the Capitol attack. That's how it looks from the pictures you're posting.
  4. falsely claiming that just because something is mainstream it's assumed to be correct
  5. What attracts people to QAnon isn’t just the content of the conspiracy theory itself. It’s the community and sense of mission it provides. New QAnon believers are invited to chat rooms and group texts, and their posts are showered with likes and retweets. They make friends, and are told that they are not lonely Facebook addicts squinting at zoomed-in paparazzi photos, but patriots gathering “intel” for a righteous revolution.
  6. I agree but how does that address my argument? I hate Trump because he has done nothing productive, has actively weakened this country, and furthers his own enrichment at the cost of the commonwealth; not because he's part of a party that I disagree with. I disagree. Ok? You Jones claims he was coordinating with Trump and at the riot on January 6th? Supporting story here You know Jones had Roger Stone on Jones' show many times? You know that Stone was an early advisor to Trump? You know Stone's connection to Nixon? I j
  7. There are plenty of instances where journalists have been held accountable for misreporting, this was recently brought up right here when I posted a Tweet from Dan Rather. There are plenty of cases where an anonymous source has provided accurate information for a news story. Legitimate journalism won't rely solely upon the source but will use that source as a starting pint to investigate the information. Then you have a short memory, Nixon is a perfect example. There has never been a more destructive president than Trump (and that includes Nixon). Trump has fed hate, bigotry,
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