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  1. Fire starts in Springfield and burns to the coast.
  2. Partying in Springfield Oregon! Gonna "light up the night". Meet me at Blairally for grins and laughs.
  3. This was all laid out thirty plus years ago by John Carpenter.
  4. Aren't we already writing arbitrary laws that ensnare the poor and allow the white caste to go free?
  5. This leads to for-profit-incarceration. The end result is: your being jailed for not smogging your death trap and your being forced to pick cotton for Walmart t-shirts.
  6. Well... YEAH! According to him "antifa" burned it down.
  7. Argues semantics instead of the actual point. The guy is LOST, like the ravens ate his breadcrumb trail lost. If he was just a Manchurian candidate for evangelicals and fiscal conservatives that would be one level of fuckery. BUT, this guy is just a wannabe mob-don trying to take as much profit as possible for himself and his ilk. The only thing I've been able to agree with him on is the fact that members of the occupying US military force, since the invasion of Europe (excepting the UN action in Bosnia-Herzegovina), have been essentially suckers signing on as mercenaries in the name of homeland preservation.
  8. Wow, dude, that't the most rational centrist thing stated in this "discussion" (foodfight)
  9. Seeing is believing. At least you are just a neighbor, we have to live herrr.
  10. Even suggesting the investigation of injection of bleach is suggesting poisoning oneself with dioxin.
  11. Why does homelessness (I say houseless) make your skin crawl? What are you afraid of?
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