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  1. Finally upgraded to 280zx struts/brakes with the Techno Toy Tuning Weld On Coilover Kit (used clamp collars with a weld under them). Used 3 inch lowering blocks with a 2 degree shim to lower the rears, Got new wheels: River Side Leos, 14x6.5 in the front and 14x7 in the rear. Liking the progress but I was having issues with my carb spitting some fuel. DId some adjustments/cleaned some jets but I feel it still is not running optimally. Next I plan on draining the trans/diff fluid as there is noise in 4th and 5th gears. Anybody have any recommendations on trans and diff fluid?
  2. I'm going to get the weld on t3 coilovers and either get lowering blocks or de arch the springs for the rear
  3. Loving the build! Makes me have more aspirations for mine! I've been looking for door and trunk seals for my 710 so I'd be curious as to where you source them from.
  4. It'a a 1975 and it does have the transistor ignition. Plug gap is within that range. I used your tip when turning it off and it worked! Thank you again! Now looking for some 280zx front struts to hopefully swap out
  5. Thank you for the tip! I will definitely try this. I was a little worried how the engine would shake after I turned it off lol I appreciate the knowledge thank you!
  6. how much are you asking for the 280zx front struts+brakes shipped to southern california?
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    Recently picked up this 710 coupe. It runs well but I'm currently trying to figure out this issue: When I turn off the motor, it begins to shake. Anybody have any ideas on what it can be? I am thinking maybe the timing is off but not completely sure. Its an L20B with a dogleg 5 speed. Here are a few photos. Also on the lookout for 280zx struts to drop the front a little lol. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you
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