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  1. I have the same seatbelts... for the OEM seats the lowered belt section was WAY too long, but once I installed new (much lower) vintage bucket seats... they're just about perfect. I'm 6'3" so YMMV, of course.
  2. If only this car had a limiter... of course that still wouldn't tell me where I'm at in the rev range...
  3. Congrats on the purchase! My heater valve is stuck... the temperature knob doesn't want to adjust, and the vent flap thing was sorely out of alignment (far too loose, fixed that one with a screwdriver). Chances are maybe even your defrost vent ducts are rotted (mine are pretty cracked). Take a bunch of paper towels or microfibers with you, maybe even a squeegie... good luck and drive safe!
  4. Howdy Ratsunners... I'm looking to install a tachometer of some sort to my dime. While factory would be awesome... I don't really care... just something not cheezeball (no wall clock sized tach, for example). What's the current best way to go about something like this? I've only found a few factory tachs around, and they're crazy money (understandable... but still). Thanks!
  5. This is about as low as I'd want to go - the full tire is still visible front and rear... and it doesn't look like a rally car anymore (not that rally 510's are bad, not at all... just not the look I'm going for here!)
  6. I installed a full Ermish Racing coilver setup (and all new ball joints/bushings/steering parts up front). Still toying some with the height... I think I like it here.
  7. Yup... it's not hooked up (no belt) so I don't yet know if it works. If it's anything like the rest of the car... it'll probably need at least a little bit of love, but otherwise be functional.
  8. I need to take a better pic... but here's the seats I have now. The corbeau brackets suck... I had to rig some stuff AND get their 4" extension kit... and it's still too far forward. Oh well.
  9. inadvertent double post
  10. If I were to order them again... I would ask them to make the loop around 2" shorter. Completely unrelated... I just ordered their rear seat kit to match (lap belts only, though).
  11. I bought this set about a year ago. The lowered section was WAAAY too low for me (albeit, I'm a tall guy at 6'3") until I put a set of corbeau vintage bucket style seats in... now it's about perfect. If you're tall and have stock/similar height seats... you'll want the loop to be shorter. I think it's something like 8 inches... it should have been closer to 5-6" at most for me.
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