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    71 Datsun 510 Wagon, 70 510v
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  1. FastOrange

    pumpkn210 (dave) could use some positive vibes

    Dave! !!! Your the man, you've always been there to help a brotha out ! Best of luck to ya mang!! Get well soon and get that shop finished soon so you can keep fixing all those dattos.
  2. FastOrange

    everything must go!

    Are you will to sell 280zx brakes separate ?
  3. FastOrange

    Looking for a project 510 for a friend $2500 or less

    Hey man got a sweet 1970 510 with original black vinyl top. She a roller but ready for complete restore. Hit me up if you intersted.
  4. FastOrange

    280ZX complete struts

    Very interested, im located north of Seattle .
  5. FastOrange

    35/12.5 r15 mud terrains

    I've got some 31" with cool aluminum rims that are 15 x 7
  6. FastOrange

    FS: Datsun wheels

    Is that a original goon rack ? Super interested if it is ? if it is , would it fit a 1971 510 goon ?
  7. FastOrange

    Wagon battery relocation

    Perfect idea !! Was just talking about this with Logical 1 the other day ! Good pics
  8. FastOrange

    Say a prayer for my mutt.

    Sorry to hear that bro!! My dog is one of my best friends too!! We ride in my goon all the time. I hope he gets better !!! This is Sam, he rides shotgun.
  9. FastOrange

    '71 goon aka FastOrange

    Thanks for the heads up : ) This Pic was taken after it rained, the paint actually is really faded ! The car use to be red originally, can tell from some missed spots from the person who did it. Hope to get some more pics up today :)
  10. FastOrange

    '71 goon aka FastOrange

  11. FastOrange

    '71 goon aka FastOrange

    Thanks Again Brotha, 78kingCab Rules :)
  12. FastOrange

    '71 goon aka FastOrange

    Sweet rims !! Your body is great shape !! ... only if women would say that to me everyday, lol .
  13. FastOrange

    '71 goon aka FastOrange

    Yeah Would if could but it's not the original paint job. It use to be RED. Where would you find the paint code on the car ?
  14. FastOrange

    '71 goon aka FastOrange

    Might be next week or with in June : )

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