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    A12 turbo help

    Im looking to turbo my stock a12 Was looking for Boost starting creeping somewhere between 3000/3500rpm and full Boost at 4000ish till 6500 According to my calculations a GT2052 or GT2260 would be a good fit, BUT since Im terrible at math Im here looking for help from turbo guros. Can somene shed some light please? Also forgot to add: Im looking to run 8/8.5:1 compression, EFI, Front IC and Boost around 0.8/1bar when daily driving and 1.5bar on crazier days
  2. Well the Eaton its gonna be saved for another engine. Soo back at N/A. Since i'll be using 78.5mm pistons and the whole valvetrain it needs to be replaced i was thinking what valve sizes could i use to better fit the engine Usually on the French TU engines, the 1.3litter its kept with the stock 39.5/31.4 valve sizes with good results. But once it gets to a 1.6 engine the valves work ok but better results are found with bigger valves. So since i currently have 37/32 if Im not mistaken, i was thinking about what valves would fit better the engine on the end 40/32 , 42/
  3. BrothersGarage i had thought about something similar but the problem is that the hole in the block is exactly bellow where Im planning to mount the Supercharger. So that would become even harder to check the level in the future Im going to try what Lockleaf sugested first. Cause i can get a couple old dipsticks at work just need take some measurements and get some pieces of tube to try the idea
  4. For the battery i thought about that. Fabricate a smaller tray and use a slimmer battery like the older hondas used, but next to the headlight. That would clear some room. But how can i relocate the dipstick other than twisting the metal tube around? Cause Im almost breaking it after just twisting it 2 times. Fabricate a new "metal tube guide thing" and switch to some "metal cable plastic ends" type dipstick like some newer cars use? Im using the older A12 to mock things up cause if i mess anything up it better be on the older engine not on the new One. Datsun parts are k
  5. Well i ran into a couple problema while mocking some thing up trying to fit the Eaton -This is the only possible mount for it to Run an intercooler setup -The m65 is a bit too long with the double intake. -The oil level thing(dont know the translation to that) gets allways in the way doesnt matter to where i bend it -The battery mount is also in the way Besides this, theres allways the not so stock look of things. Modifications around here are all forbiden by law. So theres allways the Cops pulling you Over to inspect and the anual inspection to worr
  6. Its an m65 from a Mercedes. Basically a m45 with diferent rear housing.
  7. Thanks everyone This one came from south africa to portugal in the 80's. Thats why its RHD. And yes its very small. A lot of my friends cant fit on the drivers side😂 And yes it'll need some sound deadening later on. Driving in the rain feels like im inside an empty oil barrel but i kind of like it. It adds personality to it Also forgot to mention that the front spoiler is from a golf mk1 GTI and the front mask is made out of a Rover 111 front bumper Well regardind the engine so far the plan was simple: Rings and bearings Port the head Cam
  8. Hi everyone! New guy! Dont shoot!😅 So here's my rust bucket. Bought it 3 years ago and since then i've been trying to improve it bit by bit whenever i can. So far its been through a couple carb setups. Original hitachi died a couple days after i bought it. After that had a twin keihin setup from a Honda Civic Until one of them died. So i mounted a Weber 28/36 and has been running ever since. Also it still had drum brakes on all wheels, i got a set of 120y struts and fitted some 247mm Saxo vts brakes with braide
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