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  1. Does anybody know if someone has original molds and is reproducing the fiberglass flare kit,spoiler and viser that was used on 620s in the 80s also is top end performance any good with l20b performance builds
  2. Here's some more pics of my 620 I finally found tires for these 14 inch hurricanes if anyone knows were I can get center caps for them please let me know but finally got her running few miner tweaks an she should be on the road
  3. Thank you all makes my day ever you talking about forum for ass holes I've gotten some good advice here and yes I do have thick skin with the time and money I have in this 620 like it or don't but it least I CAN SAY I BUILT IT MY SELF IN MY DRIVEWAY HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN SAY THAT ANY MORE!!!
  4. Thank you for the feedback and my brother thanks you too
  5. Thank you for the likes on my 620 hope everyone is staying safe with this virus going around
  6. Here a couple pics of my brothers 620 that was finished about 6 months ago at it's first car show
  7. Not Tec smart like to post a couple pics of my brothers 620 we just finished about 6 months ago but can't go from my photos saved in phone to post them?
  8. Hello everyone been awhile think I'm finally getting closer to getting my 620 going been a long time coming so here's a few pics of it built like we did in 80s hope you all like will send more when I get her done
  9. 620 Walt

    620 confused

    I thank everyone for your help will try that
  10. 620 Walt

    620 confused

    No not really when I got it engine was used for road race had to have head milled and put new timing chain both cam timing and ignition timing is dead on valve lash is supposed to be right but can't find what lash is supposed to be set at with cam size man that did head passed on cam size is 485 lift 235 duration
  11. 620 Walt

    620 confused

    Thanks for reply stock ignition and coil everything gone through rechecked think thing has grimlans lol
  12. 620 Walt

    620 confused

    Thank you for your help did all that including new timing chain
  13. 620 Walt

    620 confused

    Building a 620 like we did in the 80s l20b peanut head ported/polished mild cam 40mm side draft Weber but engine fight starting and sounds like lawnmower when running then dies after few seconds of running any advice?
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