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  1. How do I remove the upper and lower control arms on my 71 Datsun 521 and how do I replace the bushings and joints
  2. Can anyone send me pictures of their 69 datsun 510 (with manual choke) Webber carburetor set up so I can have an idea of where everything goes thanks Like all 4 sides Im replacing the Hitachi carb
  3. Anyone in the LA area intrested in making a few bucks to help me with my Datsun 510
  4. Few wetting the spark plugs on my 69 Datsun 510 L16 Trying to figure out why it would be doing that
  5. Yeah a couple of years ago I decided to pick up datsuns that weren't running or just laying around n work on them here's the first 2 I picked up bout a 1 1/2 ago Here is what I'm working on right now
  6. Yes I did the research Already I think redline is what I'm looking at Yeah and I think it has to say Spain on the carburetor itself
  7. OK thanks I'll do that and if anyone can send me some pictures of one that's already been done just to give me a better idea thank you
  8. Gonna install A 32/36 Weber carburetor In place of the original Hitachi on my 1969 Datsun 510 what do I do with the Vacuum line from the distributor and the return fuel line on the original carburetor I've looked online everywhere and I can't find a Video or diagram On how to do this
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