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  1. Lenk42602

    71' SR20VE 510

    can someone help me id this injector? https://photos.app.goo.gl/n7XgZ8UHPvmNqWYAA
  2. Lenk42602

    71' SR20VE 510

    Intake is off. Cracked in two different places. 1/3 Fuel rail spacers was home made ūü§® - Welding up the intake now. - Planning to degrease the entire engine block and bay while intake is off - Degrease harnesses and connectors in the engine - Remove Janky wire wrap fro al engine bay harnesses, re-dress. May connectorize with some inlines to make serviceability better. - ordered new delrin spacer. - may PC the intake and velocity stacks if I can get the other wheels I have together in time to do a batch of parts. - get some sock filters (fi
  3. Hey Works,


    I think I have your car now. I posted up on the old thread "510 Sr20ve" - I'd really like to know what kind of internals are in the motor. 


    All of the folks that have owned this car previous have kind of let time and their own lack of attention to details get the better of it. I've decided to get this car sorted, fully.


    If you could provide details of how you built the car in its initial version, I would greatly appreciate it.





  4. Lenk42602

    71' SR20VE 510

    I have the car now. Just want to keep the history rolling captured in one place. I'm older and not into half - assed attempts at figuring out solutions. This car deserves to be brought back to better than the original condition it was in when it first popped up out of Cali 10 years ago. mods- is there any other way to post pictures rather than a link? photobucket is kinda dead... https://photos.app.goo.gl/MSfhsmNEqyU7xnZg9 I've had it for about 3 weeks now. Still absorbing everything. To do list so far: - Mirrors - side, rear. All suck and are
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