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  1. Thanks Yeah the rims/tires are definitely going to change. I'll start looking into the L20B. Probably will feel nice to save some money that route. Not gonna lie I was considering researching the KA build just cause my buddy who helped me get this has a 620 with one. Thank you! Lucky the interior is all in great condition as well. Yeah I kind of got an idea of the price for a KA build from my buddy and going the L20 route is starting to feel like the better option. I will look into left coast. Thanks!
  2. Sorry. I should've mentioned the engine needed work. I had it taken to a shop to remove and possibly rebuild it but they said if it were them they'd go with better L-series. As for the wheels I was definitely going to make changes for that very reason once I get closer to it being up and running. Money isn't an issue. I'm looking for the most reliable option as far as who. I may have already taken a wrong turn by having it inspected to begin with but here I am... thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, one of my really great friends helped me find this 510 as is. I been looking to see what engine swap to do and also who to do the work for me. I'm in the Los Angeles area(DTLA). I've browsed through this site enough and have enjoyed what I've seen. Look forward to showing you all what ends up in this and all I get for it over the year.
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