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  1. yeah i already had all the stuff off. It was just stubborn and it was just hard to get an angle on it to tap the cover off but i finally managed it
  2. Ok i finally got the timing cover off now we just have to see if the rest goes well
  3. I know it requires a hammer i just cant get an angle on it, this sucks I think i am just going to have to pull the engine
  4. i have the oil pump off and the bolt that is hidden behind it but there is another hole right above that bolt that looks like a set pin but i dont know quite what it is here is a picture https://imgur.com/a/vBD7El2
  5. i have to oil pan loose and the gasket seal is broken but now the timing cover still wont budge, however there is what looks like a set pin behind the oil pump right above one of the 10mm bolts, is this standerd or could this possibly be a broken bolt that is stopping me?
  6. Thanks for the responses I really appreciate the help.
  7. but wouldn't that risk bending the oil pan?
  8. So i have been working on replacing my timing chain for my 1983 720 z2.4. I am trying to get my timing cover off and i was just seeing if there is anyway to remove the cover without dropping the oil pan?
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