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  1. After watching ALL of it, I couldnt help but wonder: why not just put the body on the donor-trucks lowered, shortened C1500 chassis -OR- do a Crown Vic chassis swap? In the end, it still wouldve been a Wide Body, but saved a LOT of work. But I guess that's why they have skills and a YouTube channel and I dont. 😂
  2. slepe67

    Under Ashtray Gauges?

    Yeah. It's a preference-thing for sure! I've always had gauges in the center. I do know I dont smoke, and dont want an ashtray in there. Since Im used to my gauges being in the middle, I THOUGHT about putting them on top of the center console, but that would block the heater. The Radio Delete panels would be a great option, but I'd rather not hack up the OEM plastic or dash. Even though it's a $900 truck at this point, less is more. I gess I'll figure something out.
  3. Have seen a couple 620's online with gauges mounted in place of the ashtray. Has anyone done this? I have an older gauge pod taking up space on the shelf, and I was thinking the cockpit mike look tidier and the gauges would be easier to read if they were higher, like shown here? [JDM Legends Shop Truck] I'd rather not put in place of the Radio Delete Panels or heatet controls. Same photo, just zoomed in:
  4. So, you want to repaint your engine compartment?🤣
  5. No idea why. But when I try to add comments to this, it wants to insert the Galaxie post again. so, I went with it and deleted it above. Anyways....
  6. Great progress! I've been using your build as a Datsun Refresher. 😂 I'm in the same boat as you regarding the battery hold down. Mine was identical and only 2 yrs old. I opened the hood after a year long hiatus and yup...the hold down was snapped. I only put it on in 2017, never touched it since, and the battety was brand new (not leaking). Guess I wont buy that style again. Thinking of going this route (but on The Cheap):
  7. As far as the 620 goes, Im not messing with the control arms, I'll probably just clean them. I have to cover them soon, my OCD screams every time I looks at them. 🙄 If/when we do a KA/SR swap, we'll pull the cab/bed and do the entire frame. I plan on going Beebani discs & coilovers down the road, after my son is a bit older. Not a fan of 4 wheel drums. Main intent at this point is to get the Big Kinks worked out and get a good look at everything to ensure safety. This truck went through a few owners and there's a lot of jankiness. We'll do a lot of work while not hving to take the truck down for too long. Until then, engine bay paint tomorrow!
  8. Yes, That's what Im hoping he'll remember. i recently obtained a 67 Galaxie a P.O. did a number on. i think they painted some, ran out of that color, grabbed a can, ran out of that and grabbed another. I literally saved it from the crusher. A friend worked there and couldnt bare to see it crushed, so he called me. Im a sucker for cheap cars! They cut the dash to put a stereo, as well as ALL the ignition switch wiring. My son wants it too...LOL
  9. Masked everything off and applied Rustoleum Undercoating. Impressive results for rattle can!
  10. Thanks, that means a lot! Among the many things Im trying to teach: 1. Do it right the first time (Ok. So spray can paint isn't "right", but he knows specialized paint is correct)😁 2. Know what "wrong" looks like (There's a LOT of "wrong" on this truck) 3. Attention to detail. (A lot of that will br given while re-assembling & cleaning) 4. Hard work = great results 5. Take care of your vehicle & it'll take care of you
  11. Sanding complete, got some primer laid down. my son did most of the work. The folks on the 620 FB Page were all up in arms because I used rattle can.... Bare with me please...it's a $900 truck at best. The intent of this project is to teach my son "How to do stuff" correctly. I am redoing the engine bay because Ive found almost every nut, bolt and clamp to be wrong, improperly installed, hacked, or loose. When we get a used dirt bike, we tear it down and check EVERYTHING, especially if HE is riding it. I need him to know what CORRECT looks like. I've explained to him that spray paint isnt the best option, but it will make the truck look much better, it's cheap, and we will inspect and possibly replace each nut, bolt, screw and clamp in that bay. Safety First. Enough ranting...here's some pics... He wasnt too thrilled with all the sanding, wiping, sanding, wiping...until he laid down some primer. "WOAH! THAT'S SICK!"😂 My Compressor is down for the time being & garage isnt heated. Montana is still getting below freezing at night, so rattle can it is. We're just using rustoleum for now. When we swap in a KA/SR/LS, we'll take the cab and box off to get media blasted. THIS ISN'T PERMANENT.... Too close buddy! 😂 Should be able to undercoat outer fenderwells and do some painting tomorrow. Until then...
  12. Im going to try to install as-is one more time, if it doesnt work I'll put the truck on stands and yank the trans and install as one unit. Still have to sand & repaint engine bay, fender wells, clean and repaint engine. Im on the fence about installing all new gaskets & seals. Probably should. Today, engine bay washed and scrubbed 3 times. its not perfect, but PO did a bad job, Im just cleaning it up a bit. Oh, and I re-bent the janky clutch M/C line. Looks a touch better. Scuffing & paint tomorrow. Drivers side...Will paint wheelwells tomorrow. Passenger side Bad omen of the ride quality & electrical system? Found these leaf spring bushings and a BUNCH of fuses in the glove box. LOL
  13. Thank you, sir! I havent installed an engine in a long time. i tried to (hurriedly) install the current L20B before I moved the truck to our new house. I flat-out couldnt get the input shaft to go into place. Any tips? I tried using long-handle screwdrivers as guides, didnt work. Maybe I was just rushing it. More to follow. i have a LONG way to go before installing the engine!
  14. WHY?!?!?! Why would the P.O. hack the steering column firewall-bracket up? See "customization" hack-up on firewall.
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