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  1. My 1963 SPL 310 Roadster needs some body work on the area behind the bottom rear of the front fenders. A previous repair added Bondo but did not reattach the bottom rear oif the frront fenders, so they shake when the vehicle idles. Need to locate a good knowledgeable body repair man who will not make the same Bondo mistake. Les Cannady is not answering his phone, and messages left at the number for Kevin Desirello have not been returned. Aside from this repair the vehicle is in great shape, runs well, has new top and tonneau cover, generally looks great. But I need the fender shake problem fixed. Any recommendations for a knowledgeable body man? Got a couple of nice responses since first posting Feb.6, but no suggestions regarding specific body shops familiar with 310 fender rust repair. Must be someone who has had a good job done and can make a recommendation, I hope. STEVE
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