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  1. To be honest I realized that like 20 mins after I posted that. Yea that was dumb
  2. So I measured the old bearing to the new bearing with a micrometer and the new one is barley bigger. So I guess 320 grit flat surface and sand the new bearing down .0001.
  3. Hey. So I have zero crank shaft end play. I did as the book said push it all the way forward with a flat head but it won’t move at all. Is thus bad that I have zero end play?
  4. I have the dowels for the head. would these still work for the bottom where i am missing one?
  5. Ill call the dealer and see if they have any today. I am going to start to put the bearings in and crankshaft and do all the measurements the book tells me.
  6. Got any ideas where I can get one?
  7. https://imgur.com/a/YTTVZeg hey guys. Is something missing here?
  8. https://imgur.com/a/wxtzHH3 finally!!! now to paint it
  9. ok so he did not ruin my engine bore? my bad i am just paranoid now and want to know before i pay this guy
  10. I am beyond mad, ill measure it before i pay for it and let you guys know. I hope he was talking in inches as in .37in bored from stock ATM Pistons specs from ATM so clearance for part number RY6134-STD pistons is .0015 inches gauge point .866 up from the bottom This was the info i got from an ATM IT guy, if it helps.
  11. hey guys. So i called the engine guy today, he said itll be done today but he had to bore out 37mm. Is that going to be a problem? I am running 280zx pistons on the L18. Thank you.
  12. Nope not California Datsun. I listened to you guys. It’s a shop in Huntington Beach CA. The guys works with car at the speedway in Pomona and has great ratings. Out of all the people to it had to be me to get the run around.
  13. Another update, so I called the guy for my engine and he was short with me and said it was done two days ago we just have to pick it up. And I said well it’s been 3 months now and you told me 2 weeks ago it’ll be done that week. And he just replied I’ll call you back, haven’t gotten a call back so today I’m going there to raise hell.
  14. Did you remove the steering link?
  15. That’s exactly how I want my engine to look. What primer did you use? They said they need to boil it still and whenever I call they said ooo we haven’t gotten it back yet and tell me it’ll be done that week. I’m gonna raise hell next week. And they still need to bore it and change the oil plugs for me.
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