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  1. Yes I charged the battery, checked the voltage, cleaned the grounds and cleaned all terminals. before I attempt to turn the engine I do one click with the key. The clock on the radio turns on. Right when I hit the brake the clock fades away.
  2. So update. I read the starter and every came out normal even got it tested just in case. Now the car won’t even attempt to turn and when I put my foot on the brake the car just dies. I have to do some wiring chasing now to figure out where the faulty wire in the brakes is located.
  3. So I own a Datsun 620. Hasn’t ran in about 8 years but I got it to start one time last year. Since then it hasn’t started and the battery is dead even after about 30 mins in the car. I changed the starter but that wasn’t the problem. It makes a rumble noise when I turn the key and that’s about it. Any ideas on what it could be?
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