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  1. I was actually lucky the guy had the front windshield. I just gotta get new seals and put it in
  2. I use stand alone ecu’ s on my drag bikes so I kinda wanna keep it efi just more tune-ability. I’m just reading everything I can on here for all the little shit that I wouldn’t think about and what works easiest haha
  3. so I picked up a 71 521 last weekend for $500. I had a 71 in highschool and always regretted selling it but I saw this on facebook and had to get it. Didn't get really any info the kid I got it from got it the same way and didn't do anything to it. kid said the guy before him was putting a chevy 350 in it but I think a v8 would be a little much for one of these and I wanna keep it Nissan so Im gonna do a ka24de swap. it has a fairly good looking napz motor and trans just sitting in it but im gonna pull it and sell it so if anyone needs a napz motor and trans in nor cal i'll have one cheap! haha. the firewall and trans tunnel are cut up im guessing for the 350 so I gotta weld those back in no big, prolly gonna wait until I source a ka and get it mounted. I favorited the DIY ka in 521 post so i'll use that for most of my info seems like that guy has it down. Also I found a guy named beebani on ebay that sells brackets for disc brakes and coilovers for these 521's but I wanted to see what you guys thought?
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