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  1. I am in Costa Rica (not Puerto Rico), 😅 So I don't think I would find such product here, maybe Walmart but I doubt it, anyways I loose nothing checking it. Will let you guys how it went but certainly I have to do something.
  2. Ahhh gotcha, thank you..👍🏻
  3. CLR?? What is that? No it looks like rust, also the reddish color of rust.
  4. I got today an original and in very good shape rad, but I see some tubes clogged, I honestly don't want to send it to a rad shop since I know the first thing they do is desolder it and this one is untouched and would love to keep it like that...if possible. So is there any tip to clean the rust clogging some tubes without opening it?
  5. Hi, can someone show me a picture of the place where the fuel filter is placed in the stock J15 620 truck and the route of the fuel hoses?
  6. According to my user manual yes it does.
  7. The aluminum plate inside the engine bay says L521
  8. Which is the most common for a 71 with J series motor? Metal or plastic?
  9. Well, I'm a gunsmith so as machinist, I can make that pivots with no problem I only needed to know how the splined bushings were attached to the pivots, now I have it clear so step 2 is to get a pair of wiper arms to take the measures. Thanks
  10. Aha! You hit the nail, that was exactly what I was asking. So, that part enter by force and it is not supposed to be easily taken of.
  11. Hi, I'm working now with the wiper linkage and correlated parts, I have a question, how are attached the splined bushing to the tip of the pivot? By pressure? Set screw? I don't have the original parts, PO removed them so I am considering reproducing these parts but need to have clear how they are held.
  12. MiltonV

    Is this factory work?

    Lol you see...its easy to think that but now I'm totally sure its factory, and despite it looks aesthetically it certainly works...hey those have almost 50 years and still working, to me it's more than enough to replicate it when I need to re do my wiring harness.
  13. Yep, it's the one sold locally for all the 620's around here. There are 6 cables, R/RW, GR/RY, G/GR the electrical configuration is, assuming pin #1 is the first up/left and #4 the one just below, with switch pulled in first pos 1-4 no contact 2-5 contact 3-6 contact pos 2, 1and 4 make contact, the other remain as in pos 1 but they don't interconnect between them. So if someone have an original 521 and can tell me the electrical connections that would be awesome
  14. The 620 switch I have is 6 cables
  15. Ok, I searched for this same topic and seems like no one has asked this before so this may help someone else in the future. Are the 521 headlight switch electrically the same as the one of the 620? May I use a 620 switch in case I don't have a original 521? Do I need to modify something? This stating I'm stock with no mods or extras.
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