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  1. Hello, just wanted to know if originally from factory, gearboxes came painted or raw aluminum? In case were painted, was black or silver?
  2. MiltonV

    OEM oil filter

    Thank you a million.
  3. MiltonV

    OEM oil filter

    Hello all, is there any manual that mentions the number of the oem oil filter of the J series? I have the service manual, motor manual and owners and can't remember if it mentions the number/code of the oil filter
  4. MiltonV

    Tools bag

    Thank you very much, that was what i needed.
  5. MiltonV

    Tools bag

    Ok, so, what about the inside of the bag, does it have some division or pocket?
  6. MiltonV

    Tools bag

    Hi everyone, I want to make a copy of the OEM tools bag but don't have any original to use as template, can please anyone tell me if those bags have some divisions/pockets inside? A picture of the inside would be great. Also if someone can provide me the measures that would help me a lot. Thank you and have a great day.
  7. MiltonV

    Battery holder

    Hello, I'm in the process of replicating the battery holder so if anyone have an original please can you upload a few pics to take in count all the details?
  8. Hi, can anyone help me with a picture of the rubber that goes under the metal disc in the Nihon Plast system?
  9. I am in Costa Rica (not Puerto Rico), 😅 So I don't think I would find such product here, maybe Walmart but I doubt it, anyways I loose nothing checking it. Will let you guys how it went but certainly I have to do something.
  10. Ahhh gotcha, thank you..👍🏻
  11. CLR?? What is that? No it looks like rust, also the reddish color of rust.
  12. I got today an original and in very good shape rad, but I see some tubes clogged, I honestly don't want to send it to a rad shop since I know the first thing they do is desolder it and this one is untouched and would love to keep it like that...if possible. So is there any tip to clean the rust clogging some tubes without opening it?
  13. Hi, can someone show me a picture of the place where the fuel filter is placed in the stock J15 620 truck and the route of the fuel hoses?
  14. According to my user manual yes it does.
  15. The aluminum plate inside the engine bay says L521
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