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  1. alright, will do i was just going to do center out tightening them,. never messed with anything that uses these yoke washer before though.
  2. been doing alittle digging and was just looking for a solid answer, im putting the intake and exhaust back on and need the torque spec and sequence. from what ive read it should be about 10-14 ft/lbs is that right?
  3. that was my plan b, looks like il just go that route. thanks.
  4. zetabird

    egr mount gasket

    im in the process of fixing some intake and exhaust leaks and rebuilding the carb, looks like the last gasket i need is the on that goes between the egr adapter and the intake, its on a 78 B210... i have not been able to find a part number,
  5. zetabird

    new here

    got a chance to test fit the wheel. once i get the rust cut out and the flares on, along with lowering the car its should look far better. what blocks do you use on the rear.
  6. zetabird

    new here

    got the wheel last night, mounted it this morning.
  7. huh didnt find this thread when i was looking into the same wheels for mine... my rear arches are rough so its getting flared anyway. did you get the lugnuts that go with the wheels? from what basset told me you have to have a nut with a 45 degree chamfer instead of 60 like most nuts are.
  8. zetabird

    new here

    i also got my new new tires and i have one wheel ordered for now, fender flares are on order aswell. just gotta see where im going to cut for the tires and flares
  9. zetabird

    new here

    im going to have to take it all back a part to see whats going on. i had removed the center pivot because the plastic mount broke and i bolted the linkage together. the driver side are had mostly normal travel now it needs to go like 4 more inches... im not sure how i messed it up
  10. zetabird

    new here

    i got the wiper pivot back on... now the drivers wiper arm dosent seam to go up far enough, dose anyone here know weather the linkage that goes from the driver to passenger arm go ontop of the passenger side pivot or the bottom?
  11. ill check that, i need to get it back into work so i can get under it anyway and change the fluid in the trans. got two of my new tires just need to order a wheel so i can get it fitted and see where i have to trim the wheel arch for the flares.
  12. ill have to check. that, im not sure. ive only been under it to rig some exhaust on it.... the front of the pipe broke off and fell whe the PO was driveing and rolled the entire exhaust up into a ball.....
  13. thats what i was thinking, thanks, ill proly do that over next winter if the one lasts that long
  14. looks like at some point i am going to have to replace my clutch, are there any option other than a stock like replacement. i can get a kit from napa for faily cheap
  15. zetabird

    new here

    time to try to fix my broken wiper arm mount. i have it rigged to work on ly the driver arm right now. gotta finish this bracket to remount the passenger side
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