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  1. Your 810 is definitely longer. The RB is a great engine, but I have no interest in an extra 200 lbs over the front end. I’ll take well balanced handling over bulk hp any day.
  2. It would be going into the 610, which came with an L18. Just ran a straight edge over the engine bay, no chance of it fitting with a downdraft and aircleaner but sidedrafts and sock filters would work. The 810 really needs the extra 2 cylinders, mine always felt underpowered. Probably explains my previous preference towards the L18 in the 510, my only experience with driving an L20 was in the much heavier 810.
  3. Australian 810’s got the L20B, here’s a pic of my old one: This was an early import with IRS, nothing special engine wise. Thanks for the info, definitely some food for thought. Hood clearance may be an issue with the Z24, but other than that seems to be the way to go from a bang for buck perspective.
  4. L20b is an option, I have a low km bottom end and various heads which all need a reco. I do like the rev ability of the L18 however. A third option is a Z24 with a U67 head, which I have all the parts for. I’m aware of the mods required. I’m running 810 struts and brakes at the moment, which seem to be up to the task and can handle some spirited driving.
  5. My expectations weren’t high, it’s a tired l18 with a mild cam and 32/36 weber knockoff. Made 70 hp at the wheels, probably lucky to see that. The car is still a lot of fun to drive, and I’d be more inclined to drop money on an lsd and some suspension goodies before spending a single dollar on engine upgrades. The only mods the 610 engine is likely to see is a pair of sidedrafts and an electronic dizzy. The engines are bulletproof and rev-happy, I say leave ‘em alone.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Good question! It’s a hub dyno. Belongs to a local guy who offers a mobile dyno and tuning service. That photo was taken in his shed a few years back when he ran a Datsun Dyno Day and anyone with a datto could hop on for $5. Was a great day, even if my horsepower figures were underwhelming.
  7. Hey that’s awesome! Such a small world. I think what I love about your car is that it’s simple, low and clean. Nothing too flashy to take away from the classic curves and lines, and just the right wheels to set it off. Wouldn’t change a thing. Very keen to see it with a fresh paint job.
  8. Thanks guys. Yeah, I can feel the rust has started under the vinyl for a 4 inch section along the drip rail above the front passenger door. The rest of the roof is so clean it’d be a shame to remove it all, but not sure how successful a patch repair of the vinyl would be. If anyone has experience or ideas on this I’d love to hear them.
  9. Thanks guys. Tight squeeze for sure, only an inch clearance either side and maximum allowable overhang at the back. Tows really nice though, and great for pulling cars out of tight spots. Dual 45’s FTW, can’t beat that sweet induction sound on an L series!
  10. Thanks for making me feel welcome guys, much appreciated. Great advice on the driveshaft Mike, I had started hunting around for someone to shorten one for the 6 cyl box that’s going into it so that’ll save me some dollars. I had the 63A box in my last 510 and hated it. A quick change from 1st to 2nd was near impossible. I’ll definitely remove the bump strip and black out the ‘J’ line for a cleaner look. I’d love to rock the blue one as is, but sadly the rot has taken hold. There’s a multitude of sins under that paint, impossible to get through a Roadworthy inspection. Made a start on the interior, which has been home to a family of mice for some time. Door trims came up a treat with a toothbrush and some washing powder. Cleaning up all the plastics now in the same manner.
  11. Pics first, then the story. G’day I’m Russ from Victoria, Australia. I’ve been into Datsuns for years, and stalking the pages of Ratsun for probably the last 8. My previous projects have always been 510’s, this one I still have along with several others in various states of disrepair and a mountain of parts. A friend from work knew I was into Dattos, and mentioned that her father had 2 610’s in the shed that he’d been intending to restore for the last 20 years but was now resigned to the fact that he was never going to get to them. Stock 610’s had never really raised my heart rate, so a search of the internets was in order to see what could be done. This is the photo that had me hooked: Met up with her Dad the following weekend, and the deal was done. $600 AUD and the white ‘73 model was mine, an extra $300 got me this blue ‘73 as well. A few spares and a SSS grill thrown in for good measure. The plan is to tidy up the body, get a fresh coat of Fuji white on it and keep the vinyl roof. Low lows, neg front camber and some deep dish goodness to complete the look. A 5 speed swap is also on the cards. Hope you guys don’t mind if I ask for some advice along the way, no stupid questions I promise. I know you’re all pic whores, so I’ll take plenty. Cheers, Russ
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