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    Hello, I am ISO fenders for a 620.


  2. I am looking for a 620 grill emblem. Mine was stolen off my truck while it was having the motor swapped.
  3. What manifold are you running?
  4. Just wanted to see what turbo manifold people are using for their KA-T setup. I am debating going down that route. I already have the KA in my 620. If you have a KA-T did you have to do any other fabrications to make it fit? I have been searching the forums to see any information or photos of turbo setups but there are no clear shots that I have found. If possible, looking for a direct drop in with little to no fabrication needed to make it fit.
  5. Anyone else have any hoods they are willing to sell?
  6. I called that site and it would have cost about $600 for the hood after everything.
  7. Hey everyone, I am in search of a hood for a 77 620. I have looked all over for a replacement hood and have had no luck. Anyone know of any aftermarket hoods or anyone selling a hood?
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