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  1. Time Left: 15 hours and 16 minutes

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    I have two Porsche 944 seats for sale. $350 OBO located in Orlando , FL area.


    Orlando, Florida - US

  2. Time Left: 15 hours and 16 minutes

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    I recently purchased a 77 620 and got an extra motor in the deal. I decided to KA swap my 620, so I have no need or use for this engine. I know nothing about this motor since I didn't initially but it. There are still tags on the engine. The valve cover reads Nissan Z. Not sure what variant of the Z line. I will attached picture. $300 OBO. Located in Orlando, FL areaPhotos.zip. Come by and get it. I have an engine hoist on my end and will help load. Edit: The engine is a Z20


    Orlando, Florida - US

  3. Hey everyone, I am in search of a hood for a 77 620. I have looked all over for a replacement hood and have had no luck. Anyone know of any aftermarket hoods or anyone selling a hood?
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