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  1. CollinMB

    mrbigtankers 521

    Are they planning to block out the orange peel before paint? I would assume/hope so.
  2. Cleaned as much as I could out and reset the timing. It seems to be running smoothly, so here's to hoping that's all it was.
  3. I pulled the plugs during my lunch break and they were super dirty. I think the timing probably needs to be adjusted. I probably also need to check the piston rings, but I don't think I'm committed enough to digging that deeply into the engine for the time being
  4. So I've been driving the truck about once a week lately back and forth to work. This Wednesday the truck started breaking up under acceleration and would cut out. Today I ended up driving it and the problem got worse, power cuts and started bucking and then it died. Waited a few minutes and it started back up. Drove a couple more miles and it died again. This time it wouldn't start back up. I'm suspecting that the plugs might be fouled out because it runs rich and I'm hoping it's not something worse. Anyone else run into similar issues?
  5. Got everything from the donor Miata into the truck: That's how swaps work, right? Everything is broken down so I can start cleaning some pieces to throw into storage and/or determine what will be going up for sale since a number of items won't be needed for my build plans.
  6. Got the replacement cylinder in and it's back to stopping. Just need to readjust the parking brake now.
  7. Found the culprit: Rear passenger drum cylinder gave out. Ordered a replacement and replaced the master as well since it was starting to seep. Hopefully once I get this cylinder replaced and the brakes bled I should be good to go again.
  8. A few updates: In order to use the truck this fall/winter, I went out to give the truck a once over and fix up some small odds and ends that needed to be addressed. Started her up and pressed on the brakes and...no brake pressure -__-. Checked the reservoir and it's empty. So now I need to track down the leak and hope it's something loose and not broken. In other interesting news, I went to help out a buddy and started a pile of parts: For the keen eyed, yes, it's a Miata rear subframe and some other bits. I still need to go back and remove the front subframe and cut out the trans tunnel. I wasn't planning to do a Miata drivetrain swap initially as I wanted to set the truck up to be a bit more off-road capable. After doing the math on all the different things I wanted to do (Power Steering, disk brake conversion & booster, 4-link, add A/C, air or coilover suspension, engine swap), and remembering that there is a company that makes a long travel suspension kit for the Miata, it became more of a no-brainer. Also, parts availability is no longer an issue either. This project will still be a ways out as I am not keen on pulling the truck apart and leaving it apart in a carport for an extended time, so it will have to wait until I have a garage to work in. Until then, I still need to get a welder and fix the rusted out panels and a few other planned upgrades and continue to collect parts.
  9. I'm not sure yet. All the bushings are pretty much gone so I'm just planning on replacing everything when I get to it. There's a noticeable dead zone in the steering, but I'll figure it out when I get a chance to dive into it.
  10. XD. I've actually put off working on the truck due to the heat and I'm nearing mass production for my removable hardtop, so all energy has been on Miata stuff lately. I need to overhaul the steering system and replace the bushings as the truck is still acting floaty. I'll probably work on that once temps drops below the mid 90's
  11. Sorry I'm not baller enough for Sev Marchal's. I'm not a super big fan of blocks and I'm too "poor" to afford bags right now. I'm just going to run it at stock height for the time being
  12. Ok, time for the story of the wheels. As I previously mentioned, I am planning to convert the front to disc brakes, which require a 15"Ø wheel. Not wanting to break the bank, but also wanting to practice some DIY, I decided to get the cheapest new steelies I could find. $40 a corner later and: Black is kinda bland IMO, so some paint was necessary. I wanted to do something with a bit of old school cool and not clash with the seafoam green. First up, prep: Hit all the wheels with a scotchbrite pad and used alcohol to clean off any dust. Paint: off-white for the barrels and: Gold for the centers I might change them out for some aluminum wheels in the future, but for now, I am happy with how these came out and the colors work well with the truck. With all the work this truck still needs (see cancer in image above) these wheels will work just fine.
  13. Good to know. I guess I'll have to see how I feel about them once I can drive around a bit on them. I don't have a point of reference since my shocks were just completely blown out and I wanted to make sure to get rid of driving a bounce house around.
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