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  1. Eventually I'll be grafting I them into the wheel wells/engine bay
  2. So walking back my last statement and taking even further measurements, research, big brain activity, I decided to cut the subframe after all. Part of the reason being it was going to be more complicated to attach the strut mounts to the chassis. Also, it will be easier to lift the cab off in the future. More on that in a bit. So, down to work: I took copious measurements, notched the subframes in the appropriate locations, offered it up to the frame, did more trimming, and finally got it mounted, level, and straight. Welded in: And just like that, it's
  3. So I've made the decision to adjust plans slightly. For a lot of my design reference I've been basing my design along the same lines of Bob3's Project MX520. In his build he coped the truck frame and Miata subframe in order for the two to mate up. I'm sure it's plenty strong enough, but as opposed to his build that was oriented around road racing, I'm planning to build my truck into more of an off-road adventure vehicle. So instead of attaching the subframe to the truck frame, I'm planning to attach the Miata strut towers to the frame and keep the subframe as a bolt on affair. This will also a
  4. ...and stock mounts are out: I cleaned off as much of the surface paint and pitting as I could. hit it with a scotchbrite pad, cleaned with acetone and threw a couple of coats of weld through primer on each side for good measure. Going to start taking measurements and marking up the Miata subframe to be notched this week. Depending how smooth things go, I may have the subframe welded in by the end of the week.
  5. Update. All the stock front suspension and lines are out: I'm planning to start cutting the mounts off of the frame tomorrow and start prepping the Miata subframe to be notched
  6. Personally, it's one of those things where it's not to my taste, but it's too nice to just toss or cut up. I'd rather sell it to someone that wants it and I'm planning to eventually just make my own bumpers
  7. A lot of what I was running into was the machine's suggested settings weren't anywhere close to a good configuration for making a good pool without burning through. Also, my auto dimming helmet decided to go on the fritz. Most of the things I was taught for welding is make sure to have enough heat to penetrate and then get a consistent pool going so once the weld is done, the pieces should more or less be a single piece and not two pieces held together with a "glue".
  8. the L16 and trans has been sold. Lately I've just been brushing up on my welding. To say I'm a bit rusty might be an understatement. Going to keep practicing and trying different techniques to get more consistent before I attempt any of the bigger jobs (I.E. welding in the subframe).
  9. Lol, no worries. Unfortunately the truck has already been repainted previously. Not the worst, but also not the best repaint. There's also a few spots of hidden rust that will need to addressed as well.
  10. I'll be painting it a light grey once I get to that point. My guess was they were trying to hide the surface rust
  11. Pretty much. Going to start removing all the accessories and remaining mounts tomorrow morning.
  12. Anndd... it's out:
  13. There's always paint or powder coat
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