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  1. Sorry I'm not baller enough for Sev Marchal's. I'm not a super big fan of blocks and I'm too "poor" to afford bags right now. I'm just going to run it at stock height for the time being
  2. Ok, time for the story of the wheels. As I previously mentioned, I am planning to convert the front to disc brakes, which require a 15"Ø wheel. Not wanting to break the bank, but also wanting to practice some DIY, I decided to get the cheapest new steelies I could find. $40 a corner later and: Black is kinda bland IMO, so some paint was necessary. I wanted to do something with a bit of old school cool and not clash with the seafoam green. First up, prep: Hit all the wheels with a scotchbrite pad and used alcohol to clean off any dust. Paint: off-white for the barrels and: Gold for the centers I might change them out for some aluminum wheels in the future, but for now, I am happy with how these came out and the colors work well with the truck. With all the work this truck still needs (see cancer in image above) these wheels will work just fine.
  3. Good to know. I guess I'll have to see how I feel about them once I can drive around a bit on them. I don't have a point of reference since my shocks were just completely blown out and I wanted to make sure to get rid of driving a bounce house around.
  4. Thanks man. I'll get some pics soon as those things happen. The heat wave incoming might slow down some plans though
  5. The new ones are just the KYB ones listed on the parts # thread: KYB Gas-A-Just Rear Shocks - KG4605A KYB Gas-A-Just Front Shocks - KG4511 I ordered the fronts and rears on Amazon. The ones that came off of the truck were so corroded that I didn't even bother to look, they were beyond blown. I haven't taken the truck out for a spin yet on the new struts, so no input yet on ride quality.
  6. Don't worry about it. I typically just do the RDJ when I hear those jokes
  7. For the lasers XD. It's for the LED running lights. I had it running up along the firewall and across the driver fender, but I pulled it and re-ran it with the rest of the headlight wiring when I redid the headlight relay harness.
  8. You should work on a joke that isn't based off of the same overused joke everyone makes. I know they're not to everyone's taste, but I like them so I don't really care what anyone has to say about them. Also, if Mazda would stop making all their cars 50 shades of grey, I might have gone a different route with the wheels
  9. That's why I have 2 cars XD. I have been periodically switching between the truck and my Miata. Working on changing some interior bits on the Miata as it's the last part to "complete" the look I'm going for, which has been good to not get too frustrated with this project.
  10. Updates since last time. So after ordering all the parts to do the engine overhaul, I also noticed another issue: Fuel was just running out of the carburetor and dripping right onto the exhaust manifold 😧 So while I was at the maintenance, I ordered a rebuild gasket kit and went through the carb as well. I also found that the water outlet had rusted out pretty bad and went about ordering a new outlet, t-stat housing, and gaskets. Pulled apart: While I was in there, I decided to go about pulling out the remainder of the AC system that was left over after the truck was robbed of the compressor and blower motor: Started to put everything back together, replacement parts: - New headlight relay/harness (no more battery drain) - Re-loomed wiring to horns, starter - New carb seals - New intake/exhaust gasket - New spark plugs - New plug wires - New distributor cap - New t-stat & housing - New water outlet - New air filter - New oil/filter - Flushed coolant system/new coolant - New trans fluid I really need to take another engine bay pic as it is pretty tidy, but I didn't want to take my phone out with my grubby hands at the time. I then moved onto the next order of business, replacing the horrid, bouncy suspension. After pulling out the first strut, the problem became pretty clear: Completely blown, possibly original. Since I originally just thought it rode poorly due to cheapy suspension, I ordered the "premium" struts: Those were fun to get onto the truck with all the rust (don't worry, I misplaced, found, installed the new bushings after this picture). That brings us up to today. Next week I'll be going about ordering tires for my next project of 2. Sneak peaks of each: I'll be doing a separate post about these wheels once I get tires mounted and balanced. After that, I ended up grabbing a certain item before I was planning to. A friend in the Miata community was clearing out some parts to fund his FD RX-7, which lead me to grab this: The one expensive piece I wanted for my interior. I've always wanted a Nardi woodgrain, but it didn't make sense for my ND Miata. I'll be ordering a quick release and hub (and some new horns since mine were completely crapped out) in the next couple weeks. For now, I need to take a little break =_=
  11. Yea, the exhaust manifold is on the driver side and crosses over and terminates about 6" from the tailgate on the passenger side with a 45 downturn
  12. Yea, I'm in the Datsun 521 Registry group and Datsun Classifieds, I see some of those parts pop up here and there
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