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  1. Just an update really, I emailed BRE again just incase the first message never made it and a really helpful chap called Monty emailed me and long story short the spoiler will be with me next week at a much better shipping rate than the website states. Great service from them, would highly recommend 🙂 Cheers, JK
  2. I asked him back in May and he had nothing then.....I'll try again though....🤔
  3. Hi, I am trying to locate a switch pack that works the parking lights on a 1970 Datsun 510 1600 SSS 4door saloon, like the one in the image below. My car has the column shroud with a gap where the switch pack should be, so if I can locate just a switch thats fine, but if someone has the whole column shroud I'd still be very interested. I realise it is a RHD JDM option but just hoping someone can help out here..? Many thanks. JK
  4. I emailed over a week ago now, but still haven't heard anything, and just checked the website as you suggested but still showing as $413.34 Fed Ex economy.....not sure where to go now... Cheers, JK
  5. I've done this, hopefully they'll reply this week. Thanks for that. 🙂
  6. I may email BRE, I've just bought a lot of parts from T3 recently (GTX2 Control arms, outer tie rods, rear coil overs and roll centre adjusters) so thats far more weight and possibly size than a spoiler I am sure and with Fed Ex it was only $325 so surely $411 is too much to pay, makes the spoiler over £500 before duty...! The group buy is difficult too as there are so few of us over here..... And I had a bad experience with Ermish so I wouldn't even contact them, thanks though. I'll keep trying and if I get anywhere I'll report back 🙂 JK
  7. Not sure of the quality of the eBay copies, don't look great....
  8. Thanks, I'm going for a look similar to this car...I have the grill, the mirrors and similar wheels. Just need the spoiler...!
  9. Hi, I'm interested in buying one of the BRE lower front air dams for my 510. But when I look on the BRE website although the part itself is reasonable at around $200 they want over $400 for shipping with fed ex to the UK..! Can anyone recommend a seller with cheaper shipping fees...? Thanks, JK
  10. Are you trying to sell it.....I'm UK but interested, thanks. JK
  11. That's L20B and out of stock, but thanks anyway.
  12. If it arrives let me know. I have possibly found one in the UK.
  13. I've already checked with Love20Bee who have sold out, so does anyone know of any other supliers of the re-made supersonic grill for the 510. Thanks, JK
  14. Ah but then they'd show up the rest of the chrome.... 🤣
  15. Thanks but all on back order....
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