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  1. Ah but then they'd show up the rest of the chrome.... 🤣
  2. Thanks but all on back order....
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a rear taillight inner trim for my 510 4 door after an accident whilst the existing trim was being polished. As you look at the car from the rear I need the inner trim for the righthand lamp and just wondered if anyone here has a spare they'd like to sell me 🙂 Would need posting to UK, thanks.
  4. Hope thats a private road...no front number plate 😉 JK
  5. 😄 And that is spelt "gaiter" in the UK
  6. JK510

    Radiator & Fan

    As I said I had a Mishimoto Rad on my S30 and would have gone that way but they don't make them for 510 unfortunately The ebay stuff looks cheap and nasty by comparison if I'm honest..... Cheers, JK
  7. JK510

    Radiator & Fan

    Hi folks, I'm now looking into a new radiator for my rebuild and so far, from research already done, it would seem that the Koyorad is going to be the way to go as in the link, any observations or comments from anyone whose using or experience of these is welcomed. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/koyo-rad-hh-series-datsun-68-73-510-1-6l-mt.html Then I'm also thinking I would like an electric fan to go with it, again from my own past experience on an S30 I had a Spal fan fitted to a Mishimoto Radiator which was great quality. What should I be looking for with regards to fitting/clearance etc...? This is the kind of thing I'm thinking...10" puller https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/spal-high-performance-electric-fans-399563/ Again, observations welcomed, thanks. JK
  8. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    Thank you. Decision made, I'm going this way 🙂 Close the thread...😆 😆 Seriously though, thanks Mike for the help and info, has made finding the right box much easier..!!
  9. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    So, back on the FS5W71B..... I'm getting better at identifying them but just confirm this is what I think it is, thanks 🙂 Thanks again, JK
  10. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    Thanks again Mike... That sounds like it's not really the ideal box for the car then, quite complicated to make it work. This is harder than I thought it might be....😆 JK
  11. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    A friend of mine who builds Z cars and raced in the Historic Touring car series over her, a chap called Dave Jarman, has thrown a spanner in the works and said why not try an S13 box...! So can I ask is this a good, more modern alternative to the boxes mentioned earlier. More readily available over here with parts available to rebuild if needed. Is there any issues I should be aware of? Will the bellhousing swap over? Anything you can offer is appreciated, thanks. JK
  12. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    Any ideas of the weight roughly of the 63A I may need to ship thanks.
  13. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    Thanks both. I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure...! So head is saying go with the 71B as you've both said its a better box. Heart says Dogleg 63A just for the percieved cool that they have..? The guy with the 71 has several boxes availalble so I guess if I go that way I'd just have to make sure he can supply the complete thing including the missing key mentioned. Thanks again and I'll let you know how I get on 🙂 JK
  14. JK510

    Gearbox Help

    Better option though than the FS5W63A dogleg though? I'm not looking for a racing car, just a very useable, driveable, reliable motor..? JK
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