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  1. Thanks Mike, Iā€™m not doing the seats though just all the dashboard, glove box, radio surround, etc. cheers, JK
  2. Thanks guys, I googled the SEM product but no luck in the UK, however the search did bring up this stuff https://www.vinyldye.co.uk/ So I've ordered a can and will see how it goes.... I'll let you know if it's any good šŸ™‚
  3. Hi Guys, Following on from my earlier dash thread, you may have noticed I have a large hole where the radio might normally be. I have an old Datsun radio (see below image) that I want to fit however it is missing the bezel that fits around the dials and wondered if anyone out there might have such a thing that they would like to part with. Let me know, thanks. JK
  4. Hi Guys, While this lockdown continues, I'm looking at doing some of the jobs I planned for later on and one of them is stripping out the dash and re-colouring as, the photo below almost shows, its looking a bit weary and needs refreshing. Have you guys used any particular products for repainting the trim that you can share with me, preferably from online suppliers that are available in or UK based, thanks.
  5. JK510

    pic of your dime

    So mine has arrived from SA...runs well, interior a bit shabby but overall I'm really pleased with it šŸ™‚ are most banks open today
  6. JK510

    510 Centre Console

    Which..? The Amco ones...let me know if you do, I'm interested, thanks.
  7. JK510

    510 Centre Console

    That looks quite similar to a 260Z console, I wonder if they can be made to fit...? This was my old Z interior
  8. Hi Guys, I've seen lots of pictures of 510 interiors, many with and as many without centre consoles. Is it a difficult item to locate, does anyone make aftermarket centre consoles and do any other datsun models (S30 for example) have a centre console that can be adapted to fit..? What have you guys all done? 1st pic below is the sort of image I've seen around (taken from another thread on this site) the second image is the interior of my car due soon with no console, thanks.
  9. JK510

    My Datsun SSS Coupe

    Hi Martin, 350Z UK, you'll have known Martin Macdonald then I'd imagine...? He lived not far from me and we did a few events together up here when I had my S30..!! My car (and Ronnies) ship on Friday and should land on the 14th of March, so hopefully cleared and registered by early April, just in time for summer. Radiator looks really good too by the way...šŸ‘ Cheers, JK
  10. JK510

    Another UK Newbie :)

    Thanks Carterb, So who should I use to buy through yahoojp, is there a recommended proxy bidder..? Cheers, JK
  11. JK510

    Another UK Newbie :)

    Thanks for the welcome and for the positive replies. And also for the suggestions regarding styling, wheels, gearboxes etc, perhaps I should take a view on what lengths I go to when it arrives in a few weeks...! Definately needs lowering though, must be a South African thing, they all seem to ride very high over there šŸ™‚ Cheers, JK
  12. JK510

    Another UK Newbie :)

    Thanks for that, I've edited the host for the pics, so hopefully they show now..?
  13. Hi all, I'm in the process of importing a 1972 510 4 door from South Africa to the UK, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up tips and advice from here as I go. I'm new to 510 ownership but not Datsun as I had a 1974 260Z for 10 years until a couple of years ago... The car looks pretty good as it is, I've attached a picture below, but I do have some plans to make it look and drive much better. I plan to start steadily, maybe just lower it a little with coilovers (recomendations and suggestions welcomed) and upgrade the wheels. I really like the look of the Atara Racing Pisang 15" wheel, probably staggered 8J front 9J rear with wheel arch extensions (fender flares) although I might just stick to 8j all round and a front airdam are first on the list. And I'd like to replace the current wing mirrors with some of the JDM style chrome mirrors, who's the best supplier? As I've said I'm in the UK so I guess I will need to source most parts from the states which has shipping and duty implications making things expensive, but I think finding most parts over here will be tricky. Then I plan to look at engine and drivetrain with a 5 speed gearbox upgrade, it seems the 280ZX box is a common replacement, but does the S14a box fit too, I fitted one to my S30 and it was a transformation, I loved it, so if it's possible I'd like to fit one to the 510. But if not recomendations again are very welcome. Looking forward to the car very much, it's first big outing will be to the Le Mans Classic in July so I hope to have is at least reliable by then All tips, hints and advice readily welcomed..!! Cheers, JK
  14. JK510

    My Datsun SSS Coupe

    Hi Martin, Great looking car, good to see you are in the UK too. I am in the process myself of importing a 510 SSS from SA, it's going into a container on Monday next week. Have you registered your car yet over here and if so how long did the registration take to come through? Where abouts in the UK are you, there cant be too many 510 owners over here so it would be good to catch up at some of the shows over the summer and compare notes. Cheers, JK.
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