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  1. JK510

    T3 Heat Shield

    Any chance of a photo of it fitted...?
  2. JK510

    T3 Heat Shield

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of these, Is it a good product? My carbs are Weber 40’s which have no heat shield currently and I am not too comfortable with that, thanks. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/heat-shield-510-running-mikuni-solex-webber-or-delorto-carbs cheers, JK
  3. Yeah they are quite corroded under the lenses, the gaskets have perished away almost completely. I think they will need to be replaced...
  4. You bought it then...I nearly did but wanted to see what else he has first to combine postage... now it’s sold 😎
  5. Thanks for that, can I also ask what the switch to the left of the ashtray does too, mine just has a hole here too..?
  6. Probably a job further down the line, but I'd like to get the light above the radio working again at some point so if you've a picture I'd be grateful. I'm sure I can locate a similar sort of knob hers somewhere. Cheers, JK
  7. Hi Guys, I've recently stripped down the front end of my car to essentially polish up the chrome work and tint a couple of the headlamps. After doing so and putting it back together the lights are puzzling me and just wondered if you could offer some advice. Now I never fully checked them before I started, so there may have been an issue before hand, but the indicator certainly worked correctly and that is very confusing, I'll get to that bit later..! So, when I pull the headlamp switch on I get nothing unless I push the indicator stalk forwards to what I presume is the high beam setting, then I get the lights as the image below... Drivers side headlamps : White lens quite dim, Yellow lens nothing. Passenger side : Yellow lens very dim, White lens full beam. And the indicator is now flashing in the white parking light lens rather than the orange lens...how did that happen..? Oh, and lastly how do you turn the parking lights off..? The drivers side seems to be on permanantly. You've probably gathered electrics aren't my forte πŸ˜„ Cheers, JK
  8. Ah, OK I see the symbol for a light now next to this switch/plug...so above my radio hole is a transparent plastic rectangle, is this where a dash light would illuminate..? And if so what does the switch that turns this on look like...? Cheers, JK
  9. Interested too as mine only has one knob...
  10. Thanks Mike, I’m not doing the seats though just all the dashboard, glove box, radio surround, etc. cheers, JK
  11. Thanks guys, I googled the SEM product but no luck in the UK, however the search did bring up this stuff https://www.vinyldye.co.uk/ So I've ordered a can and will see how it goes.... I'll let you know if it's any good πŸ™‚
  12. Hi Guys, Following on from my earlier dash thread, you may have noticed I have a large hole where the radio might normally be. I have an old Datsun radio (see below image) that I want to fit however it is missing the bezel that fits around the dials and wondered if anyone out there might have such a thing that they would like to part with. Let me know, thanks. JK
  13. Hi Guys, While this lockdown continues, I'm looking at doing some of the jobs I planned for later on and one of them is stripping out the dash and re-colouring as, the photo below almost shows, its looking a bit weary and needs refreshing. Have you guys used any particular products for repainting the trim that you can share with me, preferably from online suppliers that are available in or UK based, thanks.
  14. JK510

    pic of your dime

    So mine has arrived from SA...runs well, interior a bit shabby but overall I'm really pleased with it πŸ™‚ are most banks open today
  15. JK510

    510 Centre Console

    Which..? The Amco ones...let me know if you do, I'm interested, thanks.
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