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  1. I bought some 2.5 degree shims is that too much to start with
  2. My angles are at the crank 02.6 at the front driveline is 12.7 and at the diff is 10.1 any idea and how to shim that to be correct?
  3. I'll buy one now and measure some time next week when it comes in the mail. Thanks for the advice. I'll post what I find out
  4. Yeah all I did was remove the lowering block. Also has a load plus spring added to the leaf spring.
  5. Alright thanks Mike. Any tips on exactly how to do the shims? Don't the leaf spring have a nipple that slots it?
  6. I recently raised my 77 620 pickup to stock height and put bigger tires on it. Now when I'm driving at about 40 mph I get a loud hmmm and as the speed increases the hmm gets louder and only when I'm pushing the gas pedal. Also at around 55 or 60 I get a shake. I'm pretty sure it's the driveline and the angle of it being incorrect. Anybody know how I can fix this without going to a driveline shop?
  7. They are all terrain. Just trying to find a way to get the front end up without emptying my pocket.the rear end is a 3.90 not worried about performance just more clearance.
  8. Offset is about 4 and tire size is 235 75 15
  9. Datzenmike its the floor board rubbing with a full turn. I'll post some pictures in a bit.
  10. hey guys so I lifted my truck just by removing the lowering blocks and raising the tortions bars all the way up. But the tires I put on need 1 to 2 more inches of clearance. Any ideas how to achieve that 1 to 2 inches in just the front of the truck without major modifications.?
  11. Is it important weather I tighten from the bottom nut or use the bolt itself to tighten?
  12. I have not. There's is still about an inch to go tighter on. The left side tightened and I got to about a half inch left on thread then I tried to match the right side and no go.
  13. Right, I had the front end on jack stands and loosened the locking nut and again the left side had no issue but the right just locked up and stopped spinning after about 2 threads. Also the threads look good but still with the impact even it stopped turning.
  14. Thank you mike I will deffanitly try it. Also I was raising my truck the left tortion bar was tightening no problem but the right maybe got 2 threads up before it stopped. Even with an impact ot wouldn't budge anymore. I still have about an inch of thread. Any suggestions and why the right wont adjust anymore?
  15. Hey guys I'm wondering if there is a better wiper motor for the datsun 620. The stock motor is ineffective and slow. I cant seem to find a replacement that's is better than what I have. Any suggestions?
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