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    I have an 1985 300zx 2+2 and recently picked up a 1975 B210 sedan
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  1. Help me out guys I have a 76 b210 sedan and was told she had all around drum breaks but I have disc in the front
  2. The struts were completely rusted through 😞 but I did find that 310 and grabbed some stuff it had a an after market steering wheel so I grabbed it also some old emblems from a few late 70s corolla and other the 240z, I think the coolest thing I found was a complete rotary in a Mazda 4. tranny and all still intact
  3. I’m grabbing the struts off of the 280zx and about the 200sx does the Rear axel bolt straight up to the b210 or will I need to cut and re weld brackets?
  4. So I have these at the local junk yard 84&85 200sx 81 280zx 78 310 74 240z What can I take and use for a 76 b210 any upgrades minor or large ?
  5. And I am unsure on the tranny # but it is a 4 spd manual regular H pattern
  6. My apologies my fiends, also it stated fine and I drove to work left the lights on and now that the battery is charged it starts but dies as soon as I take my foot of the gas any help is appreciated, ps I am currently stranded at work..
  7. Also will a 60a 5 spd non dogleg bolt up and use existing driveshaft and crossmembers ?
  8. I have the California emissions head and want to know what heads I can bolt on that would be better or is this one fine ? Also I have vacuum hoses that go to the egr valve and want to know if I can just remove and cap them off. any help is appropriated
  9. Wiper motor comes on but wipers won’t move ? Any ideas ?
  10. Thanks man I appreciate all the help also how much power can the stock motor make ? If I rebuild with strong internals and throw on a small turbo maybe 7-10 pounds ? Don’t want to make huge power just enough to be fun, I am building this for my little brother
  11. Also where is the speedometer sensor located ?
  12. Just picked up a 76 b210 no gauges work any ideas ? And it sound like it has a massive vacuum leak. Any info is appreciated, thank you .
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