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  1. if by some off chance you still have this come june, ill be in san diego and would definitely be interested.
  2. Wassup people, I got my 79 Datsun 510/a10 that I'm working on building up. already got the plans in the making for what I'm gonna do for the engine. obviously swap it... lookin to toss in that ka24det. already did my research on that one pretty heavy. What I'm really here for is looking to get some body work done in the near future, and I'm starting to find out (as I'm sure anyone with an a10/fake510/stanza has found out) that it is next to impossible to find custom body parts for this damn thing. I'm honestly 2 packs of beer and the recruitment of some art students from the local college, away from fabricating my own. I just don't want them feeling like they need to express their inner demons/feelings/mass amount of college debt into my driver side door and call It abstract. So if anyone has some good ideas on where I might find some fender flares/widebody/front lip/ rear duckbill that aren't meant for the god sent, almighty bluebirds that would be awesome. Real talk though I am actually quite skilled (for a novice) with body work, fiberglass and welding. also not my first engine swap guys, so yeah I know 'one does not simply toss in a KA.' the only thing ill be tossing is a couple thousand (maybe more) into the depths of Datsun hell as a sacrifice for the Datsun Rat King Supreme. Forever may he reign. also can someone send me a good free app for the photo to url thing.... im pretty dumb when it comes to this whole forum thing.
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