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    1983 nissan 720_2001 ram2500 l6_1984 d150_1972 buick skylark 4door_1987 k5 blazer
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    Mainly welding,fabricarion. High performance motorcycle engines.
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    Heavy industrial mechanic/welder.
  1. Also, how to I post pictures on here? Lol. Sorry not familiar with the fourm
  2. I recently acquired a 1983 720 from a coworker in trade for a sbf camshaft and some welding work. The engine was pulled and on a stand with the intention of freshening it up and using a blow thru turbo setup. I acquired it as sort of a side project/ something to keep me busy over the winter. I just wanted to make a post here to catalog the build and get feedback from the community as I'm not super familiar with these rigs and I'm sure you guys have some insider knowledge. Fyi, the bed is unbolted hence the janky body line in the pictures
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