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  1. I had some my u-joints couple u-joints fail completely on my 1985 Nissan in that time I think it did I believea lot of damage was done to my transmission and my transfer case from all the vibration so I was going to put the transmission and transfer case from my parts 82 with the z22 motor that I already swapped in. Can I just swap the whole driveline with the propeller shafts and everything besides the front diff? The rear propeller isnt as thick on the 82 as it is on the 85 due to the upgraded rear diff.
  2. I just replaced all fluids after doing the swap. I went with Acdelco FM synchromesh for transfer case and transmission, that made a big difference. I used non synthetic gl 5 for the differentials and last night I put a tube of Trans-x POSI-TRAC in rear diff. It felt much better on my test drive but I never did get onto pavement with it. Will report back after I get it on the interstate.
  3. More problems from the "off-road track" that is my driveway. There are pot holes that create ponds up to a couple feet deep. The driveway is right next to a creek that was heavily mined. So the road is on bedrock and there isn't much we can do about it. Its the best security system money can't buy though. Will include pics some day. I noticed noise and vibration felt through my transfer case. I'm changing the oil and a ton of foam came out with a ton of water oil mix. Its just going to happen again if I don't move it. By the fuel filler? Route all the way to the engine?
  4. I'm not referring to the mudflaps here. The piece I'm referring to is plastic and uses body clips to hold it in place. Purpose being to prevent debris from collecting in engine compartment. I have to do some serious offroading in mud and high water just to get to pavement from my house in southern oregon. The originals have disappeared or disintegrated. Anything aftermarket? Fabrication ideas are appreciated because it's new to me.
  5. Would I find any benefit in putting the z24 distributor on my z22? Or is it even possible?
  6. Did you have to swap or modify the oil pickup at all to make this work? I have them both out now.
  7. Right!? My neighbor called that lip a shelf. I have the oil pan set aside with the 85 engine. Thank you, this is the info I was looking for
  8. I think you're right. I know the cv axles are different because you can't find aftermarket ones until 83. Any ideas on how to handle this? Looking like doing custom motor mounts might not be the fix I am looking for.
  9. So I should switch the left and the right one? I can't because the left has 2 holes and the right has 3. The mounts appear the same but I think the square mounting surface welded to the frame may have a slightly different angle. I jb welded the tiny hole in the pan and adjusted the mounts a bit, also added shims. Still not clearing the axle/diff completely but it was relieving because it's running so nice! I am sure I might get some heat for the jb weld fix....but I had to get it running to do anything about the mounts. My buddy with welding equipment lives an hour away. I'll be out there this weekend to get this figured out! Fyi I didnt swap anything but the motor. The clutch, flywheel, pressure plate are all z22. The TOB and transmission are original z24. I am trying to upload a pic with url from my.google drive. Not having much luck. What does everybody else use as their photo host?
  10. I got a 1982 720 with z22 about a year ago for a couple hundred and a load of horse manure. Pot growing country! It has a bent frame so I set it aside for a swap. Around x mas I found a 1985 720 in great shape with brand new tires and a one family owner. Father in law bought brand new in 85 and was passed on to son in law. The engine was toast from being run with blown HG. First time I have seen coolant come out first when draining oil:). I have spent past 3 weeks doing the swap. My first time doing an engine swap. It started right up and sounded good. My gearbox seemed like it had moved a little bit towards passenger but I took it for a test drive. I found out, after switching into 4wd that passenger cv axle was barely touching my oil pan. It put a tiny gouge in the pan but I made it home, had switched on 4and to get up the non maintained driveway. I spent all day yesterday adjusting the motor mounts and adding shims but to no avail. I have the motor centered and my gear box feels normal now, but the pan is still barely rubbing. At this point I am stumped, I am planning on jb welding the tiny hole and then just driving to my buddies an hr away so we can completely fabricate custom mounts. I was hoping I could use shims and bring him a reference mount. Are the z22 and z24s oil pans shaped differently? From what I can tell they look identical.
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