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  1. Thanks Johnny. I have seen that kit and the fender flares are 1/2 the size as the ones shown above. TS seem to be smaller as well.
  2. Anyone know the body kit details? I thought it was a Celica at quick glance!
  3. MattSheldon

    Camper Shell

    That is a keeper
  4. It will not be until June/July, but we are planning on making an installation video.
  5. Arrived today. I have not had a chance to compare them to the OEM metal, but I am most impressed with Dave's customer service and reasonable shipping. Product thus far looks great!
  6. https://www.guyswithrides.com/2019/05/27/63-datsun-l320/
  7. That NL320 back half ever becomes available, I am interested.
  8. Thank you, Dave! I will take 2 sets and will reply to your email in a little while. Thank you again.
  9. That is such a score! One of my all time favorite 6 lug wheels The writing is more than likely laser etched. If you have the centers re anodized, they should either offer the service or know someone that can.
  10. What is on it currently?
  11. Thanks, Daniel. I am not military. I have been doing business there over the last 15 years. I have very good sources and friends there, so I am familiar with the peaks and valleys of the culture. Unlike what the media falsely reported a couple weeks back, the UAE is safe for pretty much all. The kingdom is pretty much ruled by the Saudi's whom are not currently fond of the Iranians. Yes security has been heightened, but there are no immediate threats. They have a very booming motorsports culture there. The drag strip was contracted by the Bandimere's of Bandimere Speedw
  12. Following......great progress both in your abilities and the 320.
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