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  1. I would gladly buy it from you if you can get it framed lol. Name your price
  2. My windshield is cracked to shit and in my state I can't register it until I get a replacement. I've looked online but nothing seemed to show up. Help pls 🥺
  3. I've been working on my 720 for a while, and I've recently discovered that the floor pans and rocker panels on the truck are rusted out because it's covered with vinyl and carpet. I would like to focus my attention on the pans and rockets because the area where the cab is mounted to the frame is rusted out as well. I would like to know how thick of metal I should get, that way I dont spend too much but still get some good replacements. Any suggestions?
  4. I finally got the headlights fixed, I looked at the fusible links, and pulled on my red wire very softly. When i did it came off. So i reconnected the 2 ends and now the lights work. Thanks guys 🙂
  5. I dont think so, there's nothing inside to control cruise control
  6. That's some good info, but can you tell me what that relay is for and where I can get another? I've looked everywhere but since the sticker that has the part # wore out my usual ways to find things aren't working. The relay was right next to the battery and screwed to the side.
  7. Like these https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=115869403281279&id=100045746596686 I also looked at the 10 amp fuses, they dont have anything and there was only one, and th that one looked very corroded. I also looked near the battery and found some sort of relay, I checked the connection on the plug in and they all came to show around 3-5 volts, except for one which showed almost 10. Could that be the problem?
  8. Hey guys, I have been trying to work more on my truck and almost everything is done but my concern on my truck is my headlights. They dont turn on, neither in low or high beam, but all turn signals, side markers, and tail lights work. I tried testing the bulbs and they're fine. I turned on the the headlight switch and I tested with some wire and a light tester the connector they connect to to see if that was the problem. I put my piece of wire into the ground part was and I put another piece to the positive terminal of the battery. The light turned on, but when I took off the positive wire from the battery and inserted it into the drive part of the connector, the light did not turn on, (note, the switch was still on, to clear confusion), long story short, the ground on the connector works but the pass nor drive connections pass anything. Would really appreciate some help on this
  9. JuanOch0a

    Climate Control

    I took out the dash out of my 720 earlier when I wanted to look at the wiring, and in doing that i exposed tubes where air goes through to the vents. I tried to turn on the heat on and the blower motor sounded like it was working, but I looked over all vent tubes and nothing was coming out. Is there a way I can fix this?
  10. JuanOch0a

    Radio harness

    I took out the harness behind the dash from my 84 nissan 720, and I really want to fix the radio wiring. The colors go as follows: Brown wire Black with blue stripe Red with blue stripe Red with yellow stripe Green with red stripe Black Black with white stripe And 2 more brown wires (one with a white stripe) connected from the radio connector and they connect somewhere else. I would really appreciate it if I got some help on this as it's my first time working on something so old
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