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  1. hate to resurrect another corpse but.....for easy 4 or 5 lug swap I and a {circle track racer} guy I know turned down 720 spindles on a lathe, and mounted '84 300zx calipers, rotors, hubs. just shim out the mounting bolts with (4?) washers. Early SAE brake lines must be changed to metric. Works good. Easy swap over to later 5 lug too (sorry 240sx guys). So 6 lug, or 5 lug, or 4 lug is easy on 720 spindles. If you can find solid flat back hubs, a 4x4.5 hub can be redrilled to 6x5.5 using 2 of the holes as guides. And for 4 lug rear triangulated 4 link use '84 200sx, Just needs 2" channel (2.5? sorry, going from memory) welded to frame top and clip the outside bushing a bit on lca, (properly should move lca inboard a bit at axel side), and drill out LCA bushing on frame side to 5/8" Maybe get adjustable UCA so you can dial in the pinion angle easily. Axel is few inches wider though. A little later yrs you get rear disc to boot.Though you probably want to get softer UCA bushings on that light a rig to allow it to work best. I would think it would make a nice wide body set up using the longer LCA. Watch your ackerman......
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