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  1. https://ibb.co/album/Yb07c6
  2. I will post pictures next week. Frame is stripped down to the core, no rear axel or front hubs/suspension. It is a king cab frame. Seller had sawed off the front end of the cab from fire wall, just another piece on the scrap list if anyone is interested. Good wheel wells and engine compartment. Also selling a gasoline fuel tank for Z series.
  3. I am getting rid of the rotted out blue rhino’d cab. Its an ‘82, needs an entire new floor pan repair. Anyone want it? I am letting go of the bed as well. Not gonna lie it’s a lot of rust. Free or its going to scrap. Hit me up if you want it. I also have an ‘85 720 frame that is stripped down. It’s in good condition barely any surface rust. Also going to scrap. I would like at least $100 for it, but willing to let it go for free if anyone has a project in mind that needs a frame. I have a trailer, I can deliver in the PDX area for a fee.
  4. Take a look at this diamond in the rough!
  5. How do you know the sparks stop when you stomp on the throttle?
  6. Be sure that its 5 degrees before tdc, so the mark on the crank pulley should be to the left of the 0 on the degree plate.
  7. Do the centers of the cylinders between the block and head? Timing chain & cam? Would it bolt on? What sort of modifications to the head gasket would be required? Would I use a Z24 or L20B gasket? Would there br any benefits to suck a conversion? Reason I’m asking is I’m thinking of turboing a Z24 and it would be nice to have intake and exhaust on one side, I have also read that the L series heads have a better port angle allowing more air flow.
  8. Time Left: 12 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Not much rust. L20B estimate of 100K miles. I know the owner and can get you in touch with him. Asking price $3K. Make an offer. Album: https://ibb.co/album/HBVMJb


    Vancouver, Washington - US

  9. Make sure you plug the correct lines to the 5 metal lines welded to the air filter housing. Take a look at the vacuum diagram and make sure everything is piped correctly when you assemble it.
  10. Take a look at the wiring diagram and trace the wires going to the coils, could be a bad connection somewhere. When I was testing my z24i the intake side didn’t spark on idle, there are vacuum lines going to 2 units on the passenger side of the engine bay attached to the fender, these monitor vacuum and select if either both intake and exhaust fire or just exhaust, double check all vacuum lines to make sure you don't have an intake leak.
  11. I would start be trying to clear the codes, 23 and 24 are always there when you start the diagnostics setting on the ECU. Get rid of 23 by pressing in the throttle pedal, and get rid of 24 by pressing in clutch and putting it in any gear, wait, then back into neutral. 11 could be a bad CAS, let me know if you need info on how to test it, 21 is ignition signal missing in primary coil. Check spark, if no spark you may have a bad coil. Lift the cap off of your distributor and make sure it looks like it should, the CAS is attached right on the distributor so you may have a compound issue there idk, let me know what you find
  12. When did it stop idling? Was it after pulling the TPS? I have a 1986 service manual with info on z24i, will be going home in a bit and I can post pics on how to test tps. Check spark by pulling one plug at a time and cranking (dont forget you need the thread of the spark plug against a grounded surface, anywhere metal in the engine bay will work). Disconnect injectors so the engine doesn't start. If your not getting spark it could be your coil. Another way you could test is using a timing gun, if you know your spark plugs are good and its not shorting the gap. Btw have you checked timing? If you are getting a code for crank angle sensor I can post picks of how to check that as well. Do you have already have access to a FSM just so I’m not being redundant? I would have offered to come over and take a look if you were any closer to the PDX area, It’s ofter very hard to give useful help through posts when there are multiple issues at play which I suspect is the case.
  13. Aww man, once again USA gets left out of the desirable traits on automobiles. I know Australia has a majority of diesel vehicles and I have thought about moving there not too long ago, but I love the north west too much 😕
  14. $5K is a bit too rich for my blood, although I had no idea 720s came in 4 door! I actually thought about how cool it would be to have a 4 door 720. Is this custom or did they make a model like that from factory?
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