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  1. Nope i was under then truck oh wait i also replaced the radiator reservoir under the hood.
  2. Yeah my buddy is stopping by tomorrow to give me a hand with it. He has more understanding with all this. I'll keep you guys updated hopefully we can figure this out.
  3. Yeah once i turn on headlights they both burn out at the same time.
  4. ok for sure once i get home its wierd everything was ok the other day and all of a sudden fuses are blown hopefully is something simple and easy. But u can still drive it right ?? thanks guys appreciat🙏e ill keep you guys updated
  5. just last night i was gonna take her out at night and notice lights were not coming on, so i check and they were blown. i replace them and it blew them again ..
  6. yeah i just upgraded the sway bar bushings,sway bar end links and added a radiator reservoir tank 2 days ago..
  7. Quick question why every time that i turn on my headlights it blows both the right and left fuses ??? 😩 i dont know why i didn't touch anything like wires or anything . all the rest of the lights work just fine.. not even my high bems work.. 😣 Any help or tips.. CAN I STILL DRIVE IT ??
  8. oh ok thank you so much for the help., i should be able to knock it down,,, ill keep you guys updated on the status ,,
  9. the only problem or that i thinks its the hardest one is removing and re installing the clutch and to torque it back to its specs.
  10. wow looks like a lot of work i have a friend that know a lot about Nissan engines, hes gonna help me with this one., to be honest ive never done this but theirs always a time to learn.. thanks for the help i appreciated it ..
  11. this is a really nice truck..that front lip looks soo nice, where did you get that double sun roof??
  12. Hello good morning i have a question i want to know how hard is to replace rear main seal., i already replace the throw out bearing on the tranny and now since the tranny is out i want to replace the replace the rear main seal.. i have to remove the clutch and fly wheel right??I
  13. cool guys thanks.. ill just keep it the way it is right now,
  14. trying to upgrade cam on my Z24 engine i was told that a cam from a nissan 240 will fit . what cams do you guys recommend instead of buying new ones .
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