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  1. nicklp


    Oil line to the gauge and electrical for the idiot light? (Above/between speedo and water temp on gauge cluster).
  2. Stoffregen, it sounds like you come from an admirable gene pool! Yes, it’s a little weird discussing a risk for someone else to take. With my trans and driveline on the ground, and the driveline fully bottomed out, it appears that there is 2 or maybe 3 millimeters of clearance between the seal and the front of the driveline (which has a cup that goes over the tail shaft housing, so I had to stick a bent probe in there to measure). It also looks, from the dirt on the outside of the tail shaft housing, that bottomed out is at least 10 and maybe 20 millimeters farther in that that driveshaft got in normal driving. I rarely put much weight in the truck. I don’t know how much extra room Datsun would have left in there. Since Rustydawg still has that trans in his truck, I hope he will take some measurements, maybe with the driveline in and four or five of his closest friends standing in the bed. At the same time, he could check for play in the tailshaft bushing….
  3. Looks like it was used in : MGA 1500 of 1955-1956; Nash Metropolitan 1953-1961; MG Magnette 1953-1955; Austin A40 Devon, Dorset, Somerset 1947-1954; Austin A50 1954-1957; Austin A55 MK1 1957-1962; Austin A60 1961-1965 Part numbers: NA314; 1H3339; 35x56.3x28.6; 1G3419; 11G3417 It looks like the extra length is because it also has a felt seal outside of the rubber seal. I messed around with the driveshaft and trans which are both out of my truck, it looks like the extra 5mm won’t be a problem, so the only thing is to try it and see if works. Can’t wait to see how it works out PS Hey Stoffregen- do you know about the all British show that’s supposed to happen September 19th (Sunday) at the Dixon,CA fairgrounds? Google “Dixon British car” -should come up
  4. I did a bunch of looking around last night and found that the Spridget seal measures 29.5 x 51.78 x 28, so too small. But an MGA 1500 seal measures 35 x 56.3 x 28.6, which appears to be right ID and OD, but longer by 5 mm. Don’t know if that 5 mm matters with the driveline installed. Sure would like to be able to measure/look at both side by side. Now late for work
  5. nicklp

    Brake lights

    Does yours still have the original brackets? The Lucas stuff is available, real and copies. Search Lucas L488, L594, and L467 (license plate light). I think it’s original, but I’m not totally sure. Datsun might have made their own really similar looking ones. I have a copy of Collectible Automobile magazine from August 2003 that has a piece on a 1959 Datsun 1000 (PLG-220) that really looks like it has Lucas lights on it (last pic, rotated wrong).
  6. nicklp

    Brake lights

    So that’s why I asked if your lights looked like mine; they are different, and someone might have changed the wiring at the back (and maybe it isn’t right). Still, you would start with the switch and work your way back. Electricity and electronics aren’t my strong points either. Very much one step at a time.
  7. nicklp

    Brake lights

    And… first pic. Is wiring diagram from the book in the second pic. Third and fourth are from the 223 parts book as the 222 parts book omits those diagrams, but does list the parts:
  8. nicklp

    Brake lights

    They came with turn signals from the factory. They are wired American style, so you have one dual filament bulb (#1157). The dimmer of the two filaments is the running light, the brighter filament is both the turn signal and brake light. Mine are Lucas, just like on old English sports cars, I don’t know if they are original or if the originals were close copies of Lucas. Does the stuff on your truck look like this? (and I may have stuck the beehive style lenses on there).
  9. nicklp

    Brake lights

    I’m not seeing the edit choice when I post from my phone…. You would just use a meter or a test light to see if you are getting power at the hydraulic switch contacts. The Willwood brake master I used is single circuit, many people suggest switching to a dual circuit and you could probably search for a thread about that. When you say you installed new turn signals, you mean you changed the bulbs, right?
  10. nicklp

    Brake lights

    You would test it by seeing if you had power at one wire under no pressure, and both wires while pushing the pedal; if yes, trace the wire back to see where you lose it on the way to the brake lights. Always clean any ground. Pics below are parts book, quick and dirty mod in my truck for a switch at the pedal, and the Willwood masters I used for several years (need replacement now).
  11. The parts book shows that seal as one piece, but I wonder if you could figure out a new seal and put it inside that shell.
  12. nicklp

    222 tailgate plates

    Steve, those look great! If I could pull that off they'd be the nicest part on my truck right now.... It seems like I've seen a picture of the weight plate with some Kanji on it that would look cool, I'll post it if I see it again
  13. nicklp

    222 tailgate plates

    Thank you both 320 Newb and Stevecar ! Are they flat and painted, or stamped like a license plate?
  14. nicklp

    222 tailgate plates

    Anyone ever seen these? I mean the stamped steel (or aluminum?) plate that says Datsun. I think there was also a plate on the other side of the tailgate that showed the weight capacity of the truck. My truck has holes on each side of the tailgate. If anyone has one or both I’d love to see a picture and some measurements
  15. nicklp

    222 rear view mirror

    And parts: (had to figure out how to make pictures smaller) Fun facts: the mirror is held on by three metic 4x .75 machine screws, which are not available because standard is 4x .70. I took brass American #10x32 screws and forced them through a 4x .75 die, so that works ok. If you google the part numbers from that parts book page, you get modern Nissan mirrors; the part number prefixes are the same 60 years later!
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