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  1. Yep mike! This is just a 1980 L20b motor I picked up that came with a 5 speed transmission. I did not take care of this motor, I have only had it for a few days. Actually felt how this motor pulled before it was removed from the truck it came from and it actually felt stronger than my 1978 motor! This got me super excited as it felt like it was a win-win. Now I am just a little bit bummed. I will see what I can do to clean everything up, and dissect the head and block today.
  2. I am sorry hainz but curiosity got the best of me, and I think I ended up making the right choice. In the donor motor I found: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bhWbyR5PhYoJGQKR7 Video of sludge coming from water pump. I sent this to my brother via text if you are wondering about the speech. Pitting in the water pump? Sorry I cleaned up the sludge when I took this photo. Latte coolant / oil coming up through the valves? It had a square port manifold gasket, yet where the exhaust flows
  3. To be determined what I will end up doing. I appreciate the point you were trying to make. For sure it would be easier to just swap in the KA if I wanted just power. I also want to learn, and the L20b seems like an easy/relatively cheap to platform to learn how to do this type of work. The end goal here is continued learning more so than actual power gains. Will likely end up getting a different platform/car when this goal changes. For all I know, the motor will end up sitting, when I impulsively buy a KA. (I impulse bought this 5-speed + L20b)
  4. Got my 5 speed! Fuel pump looks new! Got a chance to ride around in the truck it came from and it felt like it had more power than my current L20b. It wouldn't idle, which is the same problem that my truck had. He said he replaced the fuel pump, so that leaves the carbeurator as the issue. It has an ATK reman sticker. I do not know the mileage. It did come from a 1980 720. The bolt was to the left of the center of the tranny, so I knew it would work for my truck! Gonna be fun to tear this lil guy down. Sorry
  5. I’m already aware my rear tire is too large. Probably going to downsize to 15x9 in the future. This is already an L20b and right now I’d just be swapping the 5-speed into this truck. my current exhaust manifold is a round-port which doesn’t fit any of the aftermarket headers on the market today. Would love to rebuild the new motor from the ground up and eventually swap it in. Was reading that DCOE setups just guzzle gas and don’t net power without port matching the intake and exhaust. Would love to upgrade internals but just don’t know where to find them.
  6. Thanks for the help guys! i reconnected the coolant line and tried to clean up the engine bay. Pics to come soon. I just sourced an l20b with a 5-speed from a Datsun 720 for $350. Going to take a look at it tomorrow. Would be fun to swap the trans out and maybe rebuild the motor. I currently don’t know the year of the source truck but presumably because it’s an l20b the tranny should just swap over no issues?? related question: what’s the best source for performance oriented parts for an l20b? money will soon be a non-issue for me. No
  7. Oh boy so I learned a lot about my truck since the last post but here is my progress! I'm lovin' the lil rake and stance it has. Yes I will tidy up the coolant line and get that fuel line choked up on the fitting 🙂 D21 Drop spindles with D21 hubs D21 4WD 2 piston caliper conversion in the front. Power stop calipers for 4WD D21, and Brembo vented rotors for a 4WD D21. The existing hard brake lines running from the caliper will NOT work with this conversion and you need to run a banjo bolt with crush washers with the p
  8. So guys, I am basically done with the D21 4wd 2 piston caliper disc brake upgrade for the front. Pics will come later. It took me about a month and a half. Was anticipating driving the truck to get an alignment and had issues. I attempted to drive the truck out of the garage. It starts, but I have to give the truck gas to start it consistently. Had the same problem two months ago, but once everything was warmed up the truck would start no problem. Once started I have to give it gas to keep the truck running. It also sounds like it is running rough while I am giving i
  9. So I am in the process of upgrading the front suspension and I received two balljoints from Rockauto, the MOOG 9045 balljoints. They are both different. One clearly isn't made for this truck and has made me skeptical that the other will fit. The one that I thought would fit sits in the lower control arm like so. I haven't torqued it down fully but really not liking how this is sitting in the control arm. Is this a normal gap? The above diagram seems to indicate that is gap is normal but would like an opinion on this. Edited post f
  10. How long were your studs and what size did you change them to? ben
  11. Hey everyone, So I replaced my valve cover gasket and that has appeared to fix the leak. Today, I learned that a garage opened up in my apartment complex which has suddenly opened a big juicy can of worms for me. In the next month I want to replace the brakes and do a suspension overhaul. The overall goal is to make the truck safer and to prepare it for an eventual motor swap. My L20b is still running strong. Planning on doing the D21 disc brake conversion, and converting the rear brakes to disc later as well. Front suspension part
  12. So I found a leak in the valve cover, where mike was expecting it and I have a valve cover gasket that is arriving today. Will see if this is the solitary leak! Is there anything I should check in the engine head when I pull the valve cover off? Ben
  13. Interesting. I saw the Troy Ermish starters when googling everything and it was pretty enticing. The price tag was steep! It's pretty tough to justify really nice stuff right now given this is my first car that will need maintenance and its highly likely that I will mess something up. I bought an AC Delco reman and so far 5/5 starts, including multiple cold starts in 30 degree weather. Thanks for everyone's help! Next projects in no particular order are chasing down the oil leak, floor pan replacement, full suspension rebuild and D21 disc brake conversion in the front a
  14. Confirmed starter works on testing. Likely the solenoid. I’m not going to lie, already ordered my replacement starter. gonna keep the old one and if the replacement breaks I’ll replace the solenoid and use this one.
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