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  1. Alhony

    My 720 Project.

    Yes, sorry that I wasn't clear. I was talking about the D22 I picked up. I had a lot of fun getting the little frontier up and running and wanted to share. Here is the z24 before I put it back in, got her some new gaskets. http://imgur.com/a/h7kDwTW And here is when I pulled her out and put it back in. https://i.imgur.com/zMvZgCw.gifv And this is her the other night.
  2. Alhony

    My 720 Project.

    Here's a small photo update on the 720. I decided to just fix the z24 in it and it's a blast. This is the first manual truck I've dailyed and I love the thing. I recently picked up a D22 as a project and have been focusing more on that lately. The timing chain in the D22 had worn out the guides to the point that they were in the oil pan. Valves chipped the pistons and bent out of wack, not fun. Here is the rebuilt motor before I put it in. https://i.imgur.com/mN1dlVb.gifv Here it is running in the truck. Thanks for all the info.
  3. Alhony

    My 720 Project.

    So what im taking from this is that the hardest part of this swap is sourcing the distributor. Find a guy selling a KAe with 200k for 650 in Washington. Thoughts? Was going to use these specs for the manifold. Heres the carbs and the new manifold. New flanges were made from 1/2" aluminum plate, and the tube is 1 7/5" OD, so 40mm inside, and 44mm outside. Thanks for looking, glad to answer any questions. - Cuts metal like mad
  4. Alhony

    My 720 Project.

    Just bought this 86 720 last week. Love the red, reminds me of my first truck D21. The plan is to swap a KA24e out of a D21 into it. Currently has a z24(wts) that im going to be pulling out a there. Was thinking of installing mikuni R1 carbs on the KAe. But first I need to figure out what engine harness im going to need. I've been reading that everyone is using the 240sx. Could I use the D21 harness?
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