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  1. Thing hauls ass, clutch doesn't handle the newly found boost and I pooped out a freeze plug last week. Wednesday I'll put a new one in and get a video for you guys
  2. Time to bring back a dead thread again!! This is where we pretty much left off. I got all the plumbing sorted out, had to get couple banjo fittings for the turbo. No big deal. Then this happened, which put a hold on a lot of things. Broke my finger, which screwed up a lot of the meticulous work I had to do. But I did what I could. Got a used rb20 turbo to replace my rattle stock one, which worked well. Got a new daily to replace the ricer hOnda Got a boost controller and some stickers.. The turbo diddnt like the stickers and tossed the turbine wheel, I got sad. Random picture of the car..... New turbo got in, worked like a charm. Only issue is too much boost on Stock wastegate at 15lbs. Need new wastegate. Figures this would be a good time to finally take it home after a year of being stuck at the shop, some shenanigans later and it's home. Pulls really good at the top end, still need exhaust made and wide band gauge bought. Exhaust is getting done next week. Hopefully a good video too. This is pretty much it, need tires an alignment too. Long post I know, here's another picture.
  3. Made progress today!! Sorted thru the wiring, figured out what i was missing. And test successfully test fired the motor! Still needs the maf hooked up but it runs now. Huge hurdle out of the way now. Pretty much down hill from here. Just hard parts mostly, ie exhaust intake hoses etc.
  4. Progress from today. Got fuel surge tank installed, fuel pump and lines ran, radiator hoses in and harness plugged in. Need to still wire in the harness, install some sort of intake and maf and a hose or two.
  5. Pretty sure not lol. Gonna put a scoop there anyways. I got the wheels from my friend. 15x9 -15
  6. Jus gonna leave this here. :P
  7. Some small but significant updates. Got a aeroflow thermostat housing to replace my busted one Got some yellow jacket coil packs And thats pretty much it. Need some hoses and a belt and were ready to drop in.
  8. Damn! Cant wait! You car will be amazing when its done! Ermegerd! Lol mine should be at the very least in next month, the little thing keep setting me back, but you know all about that lol. The rb20 is actually a pretty modest motor, like 160hp iirc. But should hit a solid 200 with minor stuff. Not looking for crazy power here, jus got tired of L series honestly. Not much gain for the work id have to put in. Oh an its dudemanbro, dudemanbro lol
  9. Hopefully! With all due respek lol. Mines not nearly as extensive as yours tho
  10. Got me some head!! Seems legit
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