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  1. Hey Mike, I ordered the 8 plugs distributor, rotor, cap and cables. I understand that if I have the points ignition sysytem, I will need a coil with a ballast resistor totaling 3 ohms. Since Im installing the pulse controlled ignition system as this z20 should have, I have my .8 ohm high voltage coil, do I still need the resistor? If so how many ohms resistor should be. Now I also have a Beru 3.3 ohm wich in the mean time I would like to istall it as the second coil, will this safely work.?
  2. Thak you all for all the imput. I went to the juk yard and found a 3.3 Ohm coil from a volvo, took it home. Installed it and replaced my points and condenser, re set my timing and got the truck running Thank you all. I will start a complete inspection on the truck and will start rebuilding the suspension and brakes. Cheers.
  3. Hello Im in the proces to finding the Coil and resistor combination totaling 3 ohms. I came across of a Per Tronix 1741 ignitor for 4 cylinders Datsun. Would you recomend this to replace my points.
  4. Where and how can I find the right match ( what is a match box. Sorry Im new with Datsuns) whay brand and specs coil. Can I use my MSD2.
  5. You are right my points are fouled. My coil is .07 ohm and requires a .8 ohm resistor. Now that I saw the engine running. Im considering set it up with an electronic ignition system. What set up could I use for electronic ignition. Could you list the part numbers. I would like something reliable but not too expensive. You mentioned on a previous reply to find the 8 plug distributor for this z20 engine. Do you know the part number so I can look the parts. I would like to set it up as it should.
  6. I checked the specs for my coil MSD 2 is a .7 Ohm and requires a .8 Ohm resistor. Ill try again to set my points. I got my timing light out after 10 years of no use, but my light bulb is blown will have to get a new one.
  7. After following the advise in this forum, I made it run for about 10 minutes. It shut down .
  8. Rechecked TDC. I turned the crank pulley to TDC. The notch mark aligned with the 0 mark on the scale. The rotor pointed towards the rear of the engine Cyl 1. I pluged the intake side plugs. Someting I noticed the points were closed altough the pulley points on the 0 scale the points were not hitting the top of the corner on the distributor shaft. I loosened the screw and moved the distributor to the farthes right and regapped the points to 18. Cranked the engine and IT RAN. I started adjusting my iddle speed and air mixure screw. It ran for about 10 minutes. It sounded good. But wnen I pressed the gas pedal sounded like if it was stalling. This might be another issue. Any thoughts on this.? All of the suden the engine shut down again. I Checked the coil it was hot. (Bran new MSD 2 With new 6k Ohm resistor). I puled out the coil wire checked it with test light and no spark. I checked voltage to the resistor I have 12v and 9 v to the + post on the coil. But no spark. Any advise to check my coil status. And why it gets hot about 150 F. I thank all of you guys and galls for the imput. Seemed Im getting close to make this cool truck run again. I tried to upload pics from my phone but dont know how. I will have to ask my 9 year old how to do that.
  9. I got the truck as it is now. With points. Im new with Datsuns and didnt know what I got into.
  10. Elbocho74

    620 Dash Removal

    I dont know how to attach pictures with url?
  11. I pulled all plugs out, they were wet with gas but new. It seems the cilynders are flooding. I regaped the spark plugs to 35 and the points at 18. Checked firing order looks good. Coil is not hot. Voltmeter shows 12.5 v at the resistor ( 6 ohm ) and 6.5V at the coil + stud. Is 6.5 v normal at the + coil stud?
  12. I turned the idle screw just before it touched the linkage. The fuel mixure screw, I set it out two turns. Fully opened the choke crancked the engine but same thing sounds like if its going to start good but the it shuts. My timing I believe is good.
  13. I tried startig the engine with foot on the gas pedal. Same thing ran a few seconds with a cloud of black smoke. I pumped the pedal up and down, the engine seemed it was getting to run. But it shut down.
  14. Chocke is closed during starting. I tried adjusting the idle jet screw in and out at diferent positions but it cant stay runing.
  15. Hello Datsun community. I recently got a 1974 Datsun 620 with a Z20 engine that I can not make it to start. Can I have some insight to make it run? Engine was rebuilt by a reputable shop: Engine has a 4 plug distributor, the plugs on the intake side are there but not connected. I checked timing TDC and looks good. I replaced the coil and resistor. I have good spark. I have an electric pump with fuel pressure regulator at 3.5 psi. Good flow. Comprssion is 150 on all cilynders. I have a rebuilt weber 32 36 manual choke. When I crank the engine it runs for a ew seconds and stalls. I have not been able to run it and adjust the idle speed. Has any body experienced a similar problem?
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