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    Looking for Datsun pick up that is rust free and in good to very good condition. I am on East coast so I wont be finding one here! I can arrange shipping. Prefer a King cab with A/C but would consider others as long as they are rust free.


    - US

  2. I am on the wrong coast and need to find a 70s or 80 Datsun pick up rust free. I would consider a standard cab but have never been in one, I have a few back issues and need to sit at a slightly reclined position, only about 3 inch or so tilt back. Is this possible in a standard cab? If anyone knows of a clean pick up for sale please let me know.
  3. Has anyone installed a aftermarket A/C system in a 720 or similar. Seems not many came with A/C but I hope this could fix that.
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