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  1. Sorry guys I took a while but finally got some pictures for you. Thanks Mike for the instructions.
  2. Ok. I'll definitely take your advice. Gonna take a bit to get those seals and we got a new release bearing as well. The pilot looks good but might as well. And the rear main I guess as well. I wish I could post the pictures but I'm not sure how.
  3. I thought that too but it's all motor oil from what I can tell. We're in the process of cleaning it. Then we'll look for new gaskets. I'm not sure if they have parts at my local auto parts. The clutch kit, release bearing, and tranny mount were all special order.
  4. Have pictures of the job we just did too. We removed the Transmission and clutch components including the flywheel which was insane getting off. It had a lot oil buildup in there. Apparently he's had a leak there for a while and the clutch wouldn't grab anymore because of so much oil buildup. Anyway we are gonna clean the bell housing, put new transmission fluid and a new mount because we have it out and are gonna clean the flywheel. We also got a new clutch kit to put in even though the old one was in good shape. We need to find the leak though, and it's hard to pin point exactly. Looks like from the head maybe a bit towards the back. Also the oil pan is leaking too we are gonna replace the gasket. Doesn't appear to be the rear main because it looks clean and in good condition but debating whether to change since I have access to it.
  5. Ok so I have pictures but don't know how to upload them
  6. Thanks for responding everyone don't worry I'll definitely get pics this weekend. The paint is pretty bad and it's got a tiny bit of rust, mostly surface rust thankfully though. Nothing I or any decent person can't fix. Has a rusted whole on the bottom of the drivers side floor panel though. Might have to weld a new piece in. He paid a guy to paint it for him 2 years ago but the guy did a real shabby job. No clear coat and the guy didn't even move my grandpa's tool chest he just painted around it.
  7. My Grandpa bought it off an Older lady back in '80 According to him. So 1 year after she bought it so I'd say brand new. It's been in the family all those years since then. And he's had many adventures with it. I wish he could share here but he's not exactly Tech savvy.
  8. Hey Everyone, I'm new to the Datsun Community and am ready to learn as much here as I possibly can. My Grandpa has a 1978 Datsun 620 pickup and he's decided he wants to give it to me as he's starting to get up in years (69) and can't drive so well anymore. But before he does he wants me to help him restore it. He's loves Datsuns/Nissans and has always worked on all his cars but he's had a heart attack already then retired and hasn't done much on his own since then (2012). Anyway the truck ran and drove up till about 2 months or so ago. It needs some work I'll explain after and it definitely needs a paint job, including the original Datsun Logos and grill. I'll post pictures this Sunday when I go over there again. But I'll definitely need your guy's expertise and know how so my grandpa and I can get the old girl back on the road with some class. Thanks again.
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